The Lab and Dungeons Guide

Explore The Lab and Dungeons with comprehensive answers to your basic questions in our detailed guide.

In this guide, you can find detailed answers to your basic questions about The Lab and Dungeons.

Beginner Tips and Tricks

A guide that will clear the questions in the minds of those who are new to the game with detailed answers.

How many control types are there?

There are 3 control types to play this game:

  • Keyboard + Mouse
    You have full access to all game features with this type.
  • Gamepad Only
    You won’t be able to input IP address and Port number for LAN coop with this type.
  • Keyboard Only
    While you can change directions using WASD keys, you won’t be able to use 360-degree aim with this mode.

Which controllers does this game support?

  • This game officially supports the Xbox controller.
  • However, I have also tested PS4 controller, and it works with Steam Input either on or off.
  • In theory, it should also support other major controllers like Switch, PS3, and PS5.
  • If not, you can try toggling Steam Input on or off in the Steam controller settings for this game.
  • You can access these settings by right-clicking the game in your Library and selecting “Properties”.
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How exactly do I control the game?

Basically, you use the left mouse click to attack, and the right click to emit the beam for mining, and the Scroll Wheel to switch weapons.

The mouse pointer and the Gamepad Right Stick are used for changing the aiming direction.

  • Additionally, there are other keys you can use as shown in the following table.
  • You can also change the key mapping in the options.

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Is there an easy way to remember the keys?

  • Actually, there is a feature called “Key Hints”.
  • It indicates the key for a certain function on the current controller.
  • If you change the control method, say from Keyboard to Gamepad, after you hit “Attack” with the new control method, “Key Hints” will update itself for the new control.
  • You can turn this feature off in the Options.
Q and A Guide
Q and A Guide
Q and A Guide
Q and A Guide

How do I save game progress?

You can save your game progress by pressing the Esc/Start button to open the System Menu, then press the “Save” button.
Essentially, there is no auto-save feature, except on certain occasions like when starting a coop session.
You can save at any time to preserve items and dungeon progress. However, you will be spawned in the World every time you load a save.

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Do I have to start over from Area 1 when I reenter a dungeon?

When you enter a dungeon, you can select the target area according to the progress of your current save data.
You can do this by clicking/pressing the dropdown menu as shown in the picture.
Please note that there is a limitation:

  • in offline mode, you can select an area number that is divisible by five.
  • In coop mode, you can select any area number up to your current progress.

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Don’t forget to save your game!
You can check the progress of your current save data on the load screen:

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I can’t find the coop entry in the main menu. Where is it?

  • The coop mode is not activated via the main menu.
  • Instead, you can find it quite easily in the Lab.

Why isn’t my friend listed in the coop Friends list?

  • It might be because your friend has set their profile to private.
  • In this case, you can turn off the toggle for “Friends in-game with public profiles”, then press the “Refresh” button.
  • All your friends should now be shown in the list.

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