The Long Dark – Achievement Living off The Land

Achievement Living off The Land

I searched high and low to find out, exactly what you can and can’t do to get this achievement:

Living Off The Land (Survive 25 consecutive full days only consuming calories harvested from wild plants and animals (single game).

A little tip:
I decided to cook the teas/coffee for later use and messed up on day 2 and again on day 21. When trying to take it – instead I hit the drink button. So just be careful, if doing that. 😉

Also, do not carry around any of the processed food – store it somewhere, so you don’t get tempted.
You don’t need to start a new file to do this one – you can start in the one you’re playing right now, as long as you do it in 25 consecutive days.

What you can do?

  •  Drink water (Cooked/found in bottles or from toilets)
  •  Kill any animal & harvest it to cook meat to eat
  •  Harvest a carcass & cook/eat the meat
  •  Eat Cat Tails
  •  Fish & eat them
  •  Use bandages from cloth
  •  Use Old Mans Beard wound dressing for antiseptic use

What you can’t do?

  •  Drink ANY teas from plants (Reishi/Rose Hip & Herbal teas))
  •  Drink any sodas
  •  Drink coffee
  •  Eat any processed food (anything in cans, candy/energy bars, crackers etc.)
  •  Use Painkillers/Antibiotics/Antiseptic) – only way to fight off sprained wrist etc. is to sleep it off for at least 10 hours.

1 thought on “The Long Dark – Achievement Living off The Land”

  1. Hannah J Parrish

    Depends on food. My guidelines: soda is always safe, various bars and jerky are good unless they’re mouldy, canned goods over 50% are safe, meat over 80%, and sardines over 95%. Seriously, sardines are a trap. Not sure how accurate that is, but I haven’t had food poisoning for more than a year in game.

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