The Riftbreaker Supply Energy Hazenite Bug Solution

Welcome to our The Riftbreaker Supply Energy Hazenite Bug Solution guide. Having trouble setting up your Hazenite deposit? We did!

The Riftbreaker Supply Energy Hazenite Bug Solution

Fixing the Bug!

As a temporary fix because it’s a known bug, simply sell your Cultivator and build it again as level one. Hopefully this helps!!

Also clicking on it in build mode and selecting the icon in the center to switch the crop has also worked for some people, but the first method worked for me!

About The Riftbreaker

There were so many moments while playing The Riftbreaker where I stood at the precipice of annihilation: my resources dwindling, my base relatively undefended as I scrambled to put out fires, and tens of thousands of aggressive aliens marching in my direction. Whether I was managing resources, constructing my base of operations, making upgrade decisions for my mech, or battling hordes of enemies, this RTS/top-down shooter hybrid rarely let me feel at ease – in a good way. Even with several unfortunate bugs and a bland story, surviving by the skin of my teeth through meticulous time management and split-second decision-making made it all worth it.

As a frontiersman sent to colonize the uncharted planet of Galatea 37, you run around in a mech and have to establish a base of operations, survive the incredibly hostile local flora and fauna, and open a portal back to Earth before you get eaten by several thousand monsters (or have a panic attack in real life). The characters and story are bland and forgettable and feel like an afterthought that’s mostly used as an excuse to give you increasingly challenging objectives to complete. The writing and voice acting in particular are often laughable, and the main character, Ashley, is about as interesting as a sheet of drywall. But The Riftbreaker succeeds in so many other ways that I found it pretty easy to ignore the awful banter playing in the background.

1 thought on “The Riftbreaker Supply Energy Hazenite Bug Solution”

  1. Howdy! Thanks for the guide, though lemme state two things I found:
    1) You can get Role Reversal during the final boss of Act 1 when he uses the Angler’s Mechanic, so you DO have a means to try again on the same run if you have the hook.
    2) You CAN get Collective Effort without the drowned soul. Don’t ask how – I checked my file and don’t have it, yet the achievement is on my list.

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