The Sims 4: Disguised Aliens Location

Information about locating aliens and how they disguise themselves.

If you have the “Get to Work” expansion pack, you can interact with aliens. So how do you find aliens? This guide will show you four unique ways to identify aliens disguised as Sims in The Sims, along with other related information.

How to Find Disguised Aliens

To interact with aliens in The Sims 4, owning the “Get to Work” expansion pack is essential. Even with the expansion, players must know where to look. This guide provides insights into locating aliens and related information.

Disguised Aliens Location

Discover disguised aliens in The Sims 4 using various methods:

WooHoo with an Alien:

Reveal suspected aliens by charming them. WooHooing with an alien unveils their identity, triggering a notification of the “anonymous activity” leading to discovery. Relationships and offspring with aliens are possible, resulting in unique alien-Sim hybrids with distinct traits.

Note: Unique alien traits include resurrecting dead aliens, memory manipulation, Sims disguise, and more.

Look for the Glowing Light:

Aliens emit a glowing aura when experiencing strong emotions like happiness or sadness. Happiness manifests as green glow, while sadness as blue. This distinct trait aids in identifying aliens amidst a crowd.

Encounter Aliens as a Scientist:

Scientist Sims have higher chances of encountering aliens via career events and inventions. They may also get abducted by aliens, which can be influenced using tools like a telescope, wormhole generator, or satellite dish.

Use the Secret Handshake:

Playing as an alien allows using a secret handshake to locate others. Follow these steps:

  • Access the Friendly social menu.
  • Select Activities.
  • Choose Secret Handshake.

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