The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe All Endings & Secrets

Welcome to our The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe All Endings & Secrets guide. A list of how to achieve all the endings (including the new ones). Spoilers. Obviously…

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe All Endings & Secrets

Its purpose is to document all the endings in The Stanley Parable: Ultra Deluxe and the fun secrets we want to talk about along the way.

Original Endings

The Canonical End

Follow the narrator’s instructions exactly, escape the facility, and see some trees

  1. Exit Stanley’s Office
  2. Take the door on your left
  3. Follow the stairs up
  4. Enter the boss’s office
  5. Type 2845 into the keypad
  6. Go down the elevator
  7. Enter the Mind Control Facility
  8. When you reach the control panel, turn off the scary mind control device (save your world-dominating fantasies for a different ending)


  • Trigger the nuclear bombs beneath the facility
  • Go to mind control facility
  • Activate machine
  • Boom

Safe and Sound

Stay in Stanley’s office, protecting him from the existential horrors that await

  1. Just like… close the door and sit there. Simple as that

Out of Bounds

Break out of the map. Oh wait… the developers expected me to do that

  1. Go to Employee No. 434’s desk (see screenshot below)
  2. Wiggle your way onto the chair then onto the desk
  3. Get onto 433’s desk (the one right next to 434’s)
  4. Jump out the window and into the void
  5. Have fun being sung to by the narrator’s bard D&D character
The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Endings
The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Endings

The Existential Nightmare

Go towards the boss’s office, take the stairs down instead of up. Prepare to be existentially broken.

Button Heaven

  • Activate all 5 “Awaiting Input” computers:
  • NOTE: you must reset the game after you activate each computer

1.Employee No. 419’s computer:

The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Endings
The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe Endings

2.Employee No. 423’s computer:

All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets

3.The boss’s receptionist’s computer:

All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets

4.Employee No. 434’s computer:

All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets

5.Stanley’s computer:

All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets

Queue button heaven

Game Development 101


Jump off cargo lift > go through the blue door 3 times (3rd one is behind you) > untextured room > 3 choices > give rating > leaderboard > rating > fail baby game > FIREWATCH??? THAT’S NEW > Rocket League??? > Fall down the hole in the goal > land in broken down office > fall again > land in original Half Life 2 mod Stanley Parable > wander around until the game cuts to black > The end

Baby Game Ending

There’s absolutely no way I’m clicking that button for 4 hours. Just google it. There are plenty of videos by crazy people that have enough of an attention span to click that button for 4 hours, so go watch one of theirs.

TW: Suicide Ending


Jump off cargo lift > red door > go around the loop until door opens > Happiness room > go upstairs > self explanatory….

Ultra Deluxe Endings – The Stanley Parable Ultra Deluxe All Endings & Secrets

The Hole

  • Just keep jumping down the hole in the New Feature Showcase area in the New Content ending.

Stanley, the Literary Genius

  • Go up and down in the elevator down to the mind control facility

“Bottom of the Mind Control Room” Ending

  • The Narrator’s words, not mine.
  • Fall to the bottom of the Monitor Room in the mind control facility, listen to the terrible early-2000s rock song about falling down to the bottom of the facility, then you’re reset

[Ultra Deluxe] The New Content™ Ending(s)

I’m waiting to make sure I’ve actually found everything in this ending before I write it up.

  • Weird Qualifications (Finish main run + check the “played Stanley Parable” button at the beginning) > New Content door > Jump Room > Get reset > New Office Layout (w/ vent) > Memory Place > Skip Button > Reset Again > New New Content Sign > Stanley Parable 2 Office > New Game Features > New Stuff Demo > Cut to New Title Screen > Begin Again > Collect the Stigley-wiglies > Manual Restart/Complete Current Ending > Narrator brings you back to the Memory Zone > Collect the Mini-stans in order that you found them originally? > pink room > warehouse > video > Final figurine > TV room > reset… but actually not > Do the collecting backwards > Jump Circle > 2 Doors > Stanley’s Office > Narrator Existential Crisis > reset

Stanlurine Locations:

  1. A list of hints to their locations can sometimes be found in the conference room.
  2. New Features Showcase area
  3. Across wooden-plank bridge in cargo lift area
  4. Underneath the stairs to the boss’s office
  5. In the room with the red/blue door (don’t bring the bucket)
  6. Behind secret wall in the boss’s office across from the elevator to the mind control facility
  7. Executive Bathroom


  • Prerequisites: ?
  • Epilogue button will appear on title screen
  • Click it.
  • Brought back to the very far future after the “skip dialogue button” incident
  • Wander through the desert.
  • Eventually you find the Memory Zone house where you can go down to the basement and find a computer. Interact with it and the thing from the “Set the Time” section will talk to you. After deciding on a title for the game, you are sent to the title menu to see your handiwork. After this is done, the New Content door should reappear and you can go back to the New Features expo hall. (You can now go back and unlock the “Test achievement please ignore” from the machine)

Bucket-Specific Endings

For all of the following, you need to have played through the New Content ending to get the bucket in the offices

Happy Bucket; Happy Life

  • First. Get the bucket from the second room of offices. Then, follow the narrator’s instructions until you get to the Mind Control Facility’s monitor room. On the first platform inside (the one with the light bulb button) you can get on top of the desk and then get over the railing.

The Bucket Tapes

  • Go to the cargo room then up the wooden plank ramp, drop down onto the plank path below, and go through the vents. You’ll emerge in a storage room with tapes. Activate the tape player on the table to get the ending.

Is This… A Bucket?

  • Bring the bucket to the cargo room. Take the cargo lift and then fall off the lift onto the walkway (as if going towards the red and blue door. The narrator will stop you because “No Buckets Allowed” (kinda rude if you ask me). You’ll then play the wonderful game show and watch the confusion ensue.

Stanley’s Imaginary Friend

  • Bring the bucket with you.
  • Go to the telephone by riding the cargo lift.
  • Enter into an abusive relationship with the bucket

Stanley’s Intervention

  • Get the bucket
  • Take the door on the right
  • Go left to the maintenance hallway
  • Take the elevator down
  • Adventure Line 2.0
  • Don’t destroy the bucket because buckets before narrators am I right fellas…?

The Bucket’s War Crimes

  • Escape out the window with the bucket
  • Listen to the Narrator’s drive-time radio drama
  • Murder the bucket

Losing Your Marbl— I mean Buckets

  • Take the bucket to the staircase to your bosses office.
  • Go down the stairs.
  • Lose the bucket 🙁

The Number 3

  • Take the bucket to the boss’s office and go down the elevator
  • Go back up the elevator
  • Press 3 over and over again
  • Go back down the elevator
  • Go back up the elevator
  • Press 3 a lot
  • Go down… etc…
  • Eventually you’ll go to give a press conference about the number 3

The Narrator: The King of Comedy

  • WIP: Ignore the mess again
  • Firstly get the bucket. Then go to the cargo room and take the elevator up to the room with the telephone. Instead of answering the phone, unplug it (just use the interact button on the wall socket). A video will then play. Afterwards you will be led out of the room, down the cargo elevator, and back to the “set of two open doors”. [I took the door on the right again, but it might work if you take the other one.] Going through the door on your right, you find yourself right back in the telephone room. The narrator then teleports you back to the set of two open doors. [Again, not sure what happens if you go through the left door]. After going through the right door, you’re back at the telephone. Teleport again > Doors > Phone > Teleport > Left Door > Teleport above 2 doors room > “The End!”

“Yo Bucket Jokes”

Bucket’s Can Never Be Free


Get bucket > Go to the boss’s office > mind control facility > turn off the machine > Attempt to escape…

mindControl(bucket) == sillyBirds;

  • Uncover the sinister true intentions behind the facility
  • Honestly I’d be happy if I could just watch silly bird videos forever
  • Get bucket > Boss’s office > mind control facility > turn ON machine > watch the birds!

The MOBA – The Museum of Bucket Arts

  • WIP
  • Bucket > Boss’s office > take secret elevator down > take “ESCAPE” hallway > go down the hole > get forced towards the crusher > fall down onto walkway > listen to bucket obituary from female narrator > explore the museum > find your bucket again > step onto the void and claim your bucket > ๓คץ Շђє ςгยรђєг קยภเรђ ץ๏ย Ŧ๏г ץ๏ยг รเภร

Fun Secrets

Setting the Time

The first two times you boot the game, you’re asked to set the clock. Don’t be lazy. Set the clock.

After the second time, the game commends you for actually taking the time to set the clock instead of just leaving it at the default. It then tells you to set it to your favorite time as a reward next time you open the game.

On the third time, after setting the clock, it asks if you set it to your favorite time or just couldn’t resist setting it accurately again. It then gives you a slider to assess how accurate the time was.

On the fourth time, the game will give you a bunch of fun sliders and yes/no questions as a reward! Yay!

On the fifth time, the game will begin to comment on the meaning of time and knowledge

The Broom Closet

At the 2 doors, take the door on the left. After exiting the meeting room, enter into the broom closet.


The narrator will eventually wait for a new player to take over from you because he thinks you’re dead. After this happens, you will want to leave the room and go back in.

The next time you restart, the broom closet will be boarded up.

With the Bucket

Not gonna spoil this one, it’s too much fun. But I’ll just say it involves stickers.

Awkward Elevator Ride


Prerequisites: ?? (according to the wiki, it opens when you get to the Mind Control Facility 3 runs in a row, but I haven’t tested it myself)
Get bucket > Go to boss’s office > (I went into the bathroom first; not sure if that changed things) > Door across from boss’s office is openable > find elevator > elevator does nothing??? I cannot figure out anything to do here except listen to the elevator music and the narrator making small noises…

Bizarre Starts

  • Vent Access (found during the New Content ending)
  • No visual changes, but instead of the normal music/quiet ambience, it’s storming outside. The Narrator comments on the weather. (it’s unconfirmed whether (hehe very punny) or not this affects the Out of Bounds ending).
  • Straight Hallway to 2 Doors Room
All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets
  • Blue Office
All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets
  • Paper Everywhere
All Endings & Secrets
All Endings & Secrets

Fun Bucket Things:

  • Click Door 430 5 times achievement mentions bucket if you’re holding bucket

Pretty much every dialogue and ending is changed if you have the bucket. Is everyone over at Crows, Crows, Crows okay right now… No wonder it took so long to finish this. They had to perfect the bucket-based storytelling.


  • You can trigger some dialogue by closing the doors on both ends of the hallway containing Office No. 417.

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