The Tartarus Key Planetarium Solution

Hello from our The Tartarus Key Planetarium Solution guide! When he wakes up, he finds himself locked in a strange mansion filled with puzzles, traps and cameras tracking his every move. There is no way out for Alex Young. It’s up to you whether he and his friends survive and find the truth behind their abduction in this first-person mystery thriller. You can find all the details about the planetarium solution in this adventure in our guide.

The Tartarus Key Planetarium Solution

Welcome to our The Tartarus Key Planetarium Solution guide. This guide will show you details on planetarium solution.

Planetarium Solution

In the middle of the room there is a projector with 4 switches. If you look at them, the game will identify them with the cardinal directions: north, south, east and west. On the blackboard (which you can pick up to see translations from latin) there are 4 constellations, which will obviously correspond to the cardinal directions.
Around the room you will find 3 notes, a registry with 5 people, a diagram and a red note ring binder.

The idea is to find the dates for the four constellations, set them on the projector by setting a specific date, then lock the switches on the projector on the corresponding cardinal directions.

Cardinal Directions:

The note ring binder assigns unicorn and whale to north and south (observe the big initial letters). The back of the note with red letters, assigns wolf (lupus) to the east. By exclusion, bird (aquila) is west.

Now we have to find the dates:

  • Whale (Cetus):

Notice that the green and blue letters notes, both have cetus. The back of the note with green letters tells Jonathan (use the registry book to see which color corresponds to what person, so Jonathan is blue) that they should meet in the middle. You have to observe both dates for whale (cetus) and consider the middle number for both day and month in the format of day/month. The middle number for the days is 11, and for months 8, thus 11/8.

  • Unicorn (Monoceros):

For this one you only have to use the diagram. On one side there is a unicorn, on the other the solution. Start setting the date and notice on the left and on the right of the screen, how the symbols start resembling what is shown on the paper. The displayed number should be 25/07.

  • Wolf (Lupus):

The back of the note with blue letters, amkes an observation that Jeffrey (from the registry we see that he corresponds to red), wrote everything in the format month/day, not day/month. This means that wolf (lupus) is not 3/8, but instead 8/3.

  • Bird (Aquila):

This one is the easiest to find, as you can try to randomly insert the dates, and the picture of the constellation will show up. But the only note which contains the date has green letters, so 6/5.

The Tartarus Key Planetarium Solution
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