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They Are Billions – Tactics & Empire and Research Points

Tactics & Empire and Research Points

Alpha Communications Center

This is a mid-sized map with some generic rooms, including a kitchen, a barracks with bunkbeds, pipework rooms, etc. The couple of locations in which it stands out are a massive gore room in the middle of the map, and a big open area at the end with a bunch of huge radar installations. Here are some of the annoying trinket locations:

Bunk Beds

There is a tiny pile of coins or something beside one of the bunk beds. In the following screenshot I’d already picked it up, so you can’t see it, but it was located just a bit to top-left of Calliope (the hero unit):

Note: this one appears to be randomly generated, so it might not always be there. Still, try to check here if you didn’t manage to find all of the points.

Radar Towers

There is a hidden secret area outside the walls. You can get there by going through a tiny hidden break in the wall at the bottom corner of the walled off area. In the following screenshot, the sniper is standing beside the break in the wall, and where Calliope is standing, there was a painting which gave 30 empire points:

This one was found by a user named Mr Plainview in the following discussion: https://steamcommunity.com/app/644930/discussions/0/1645418448921883969/

Also some maps have hidden areas. There is one mission with a large area with a bunch of radar towers and a hidden break in the wall on the lower left section that leads out into a wooded area where some items are.

The Weapons Factory

This is a mid-sized map with some notable fun features, such as a hallway full of wasp turrets, and a minefield. Some of the locations are dark, so that makes spotting items initially difficult, but it also means that when they flash-pulse (the highlight that happens every 10-15 seconds or so) they are easier to spot. Here are some of the more annoying spots:

Outside Barracks

After you get to the barracks, there’s a break in the wall, leading to an area outside the compound. If you follow the wall downwards, you can get around the trees to a small hidden area. For me, this area contained a small chest with 20 empire points, but it was behind a tree, so it was difficult to spot. It’s beside Calliope in the following screenshot:

Hydra Power Plant

This is a dangerous map with a lot of shocky towers that can get you killed. It does involve a lot of running outside the map, but no real secrets here.

Steam Generator Room

AI assume that’s what this room is. It’s the room with the wasp turrets. Once you clear it, behind the generator there’s a half-hidden box that can contain some research. You can see it to the left of the rising steam:

This one didn’t baffle me personally, but I can see how someone might miss it.

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