Tiny Rogues Aura Build

Unlock easy clearing and 'Take on Me' achievement with our Tiny Rogues Auras Build guide, offering valuable insights and strategies.

You can benefit from the information in our Tiny Rogues Auras Build guide for easy clearing and easy take on me achievement.

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Auras Build in Tiny Rogues

Tiny Rogues is an amazing game and as of patch v0.2.0 it’s an absolute must-play on my list. Since the release of v0.2.0 I’ve been playing a ton and have come across quite a few builds that are quite powerful. At the time of this guide, I’m paragon 60 with 226 hours played. As a new player without much unlocked this game can be a bit of challenge but I’m hoping this guide helps you in your journey.

The focus of this build is auras. Damage over time is very strong this patch and auras allow you to stack dots while you stay at a safe distance.


  • Burn Aura (Intelligence) + Combustion (Intelligence) are the most important traits here.
  • Poison Aura (Intelligence) + Deadly Toxins (Dexterity) / Corrosive Magic (Intelligence) is a good fallback.
  • Dominance (Intelligence) scales your aura size based on your Intelligence and is a must-have for aura builds.
  • Cast on Crit (Intelligence) which allows your melee/ranged weapon to trigger the primary attack of a magic weapon in the first slot of your inventory is also incredibly strong.


  • Ideal Class: Esper (works on every class though)
  • Ideal Gift: Keys is a nice start so you can focus on stat buffs.

If you have the mastery for Stage 1 companion available I’d grab it to get that out of the way early (unless you’re playing Esper).

Stage 1: Events > Intelligence > Dice > Dexterity > 2-4 Bombs (for secret rooms/doors) > Strength > gold/chests > shops/taverns

Stage 2: By this point you should have your first trait and be hunting for a weapon upgrade

  • Getting a bunch of dice early helps you fish for your traits and reroll rooms for int/dex.
  • Always make sure you have a couple bombs/keys especially if you have the black market unlocked.
  • I usually go with an intelligence/dex weapon with far range and keep an eye out for any slow attack speed magic weapons with heavy top-end damage for Cast on Crit. If you find one, put it in your first inventory space and fish for Cast on Crit.
  • Moving through the next stages, try to grab some armor/heart containers/block and a few soul hearts if you come across any.

Stage 3-6: Events > Intelligence/Dexterity > Strength > Dice > Gold/Chests > Shops/Taverns

Stage 7-9: Prioritize finding strong rare/epic weapons for your main hand and magic weapon (if you have cast on crit)

Stage 10: Continue gearing and grab some buff consumables. If all went well, Death will go down fast.

Stage 11-12: These are a bit harder but focus on avoiding mechanics and your auras will do the rest.

[Take on Me] Achievement

Everything is pretty much the same as above for the play through but the Esper class with the Psionic Blasts + Mind Spiral is a nutty addition to the auras and a great replacement for Cast on Crit. Mental Empowerment is an incredibly strong trait if you are playing Esper and it will cause your teddy to shred through the first few stages by itself.

Make sure you go into settings / game play and disable auto-equip since you can’t equip any weapons for this.

Written by Kaztle

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