Tiny Rogues Cinder 16 – Patch 0.2.2

Navigate the challenges in Cinder 12 and 16 with ease after the 0.2.2 patch in Tiny Rogues. Our guide provides valuable insights and details about the Necromancer structure for an improved gaming experience.

Following the 0.2.2 patch in Tiny Rogues, information that will make your job easier in Cinder 12 and 16 and details about the Necromancer structure are in this guide!

Cinder 16 – Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion / Aura Build)

A Necromancer build that worked for me through Cinder 12 and Cinder 16 after the 0.2.2 Patch. We hope this guide helps anyone stuck on the higher Cinder levels!


  • The most useful Trait early on is STRONG TOGETHER.
  • Next, I’d take INFLUENCE.
  • Your horde of Companions will wipe most of the early floors without you having to lift a finger.
  • Then grab your auras and boost them with INSPIRING PRESENCE.
  • I got INSPIRING PRESENCE after I already had two Auras. The AoE increase was a big help.
Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)

+2 Max Companions. Since Skeletons are 0.3 a piece, you get another 6 from this! The Skeleton buffs for your Character don’t have much synergy (with this build) so the downside isn’t noticeable. Real Necromancers command an Army of Undead!


Companion Attack Speed boost per Aura. At four Auras, they get a 100% increase!


This was buffed in the patch to add 10 Power per Companion. Power increases Aura size – with 9 Companions, your Auras cover a large portion of the room!




Always be on the lookout for gear that boosts your Companions and Auras.
The list below is what I used to beat Death (and Tiamat for giggles). HOLY ARMOR and OCCULT MARK were doing most of the heavy lifting by Floor 8.

Inventory at Floor 11:

Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)
  • Body Armor – HOLY ARMOR

+1 Heart / +1 Armor and Holy Aura.
You won’t be able to wear this early on (or if you don’t boost your STR) without the HERCULES BOOTS.

Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)
  • Accessory – FROSTFIRE RING

Cold inflicts Burn.
This item can probably be swapped out for most anything else that is relevant to the build/useful.

  • Helmet – OCCULT MARK

Keep using your Magic weapon (Drain Mana) during Combat to to add stacks of Corruption. Your Companions will appreciate it!


Generally required for the equip load capacity boost to wear HOLY ARMOR.


Boosts debuffs.
This item can probably be swapped out for most anything else that is relevant to the build/useful.


OK, so maybe I got a little lucky on C16 with this find..
The IMP Companions don’t count toward your limit! Plus a buff? Yes, please.
Honestly, as long as you have a strong weapon you should be fine. I think the real damage in this build comes from the Traits. Your focus should be to boost Auras and Companions with your gear.

Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)

+1 Revive.
This item can probably be swapped out for most anything else that is relevant to the build/useful. I didn’t end up needing the Revive.


You may have noticed the Offhand/Gloves/Accessory didn’t lend much to my build. I think this just highlights how strong the Auras and Companions have become with v0.2.2. Comment below if you have suggestions – I’d love to hear what works for you in these slots!

Stats and Other Bits

Final Attributes/Stats:

Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)
  • STR 4
  • DEX 5
  • INT 37

I really only picked up INT and INT/STR or INT/DEX food.
By the end of Floor 11, I had 2 Mana / 2 Stamina / 4 Hearts / (0)1 Armor / 1 Soul Heart.
(of course, I gained and lost several Soul Hearts over the run)
Prioritize any additional Armor, Heart or Soul Heart room rewards.

Starting Gift:

  • TENT

Forget the Soul Scarf. That was all a dream. You’re an independent Tiny Rogue that don’t need no gift! Kidding of course, but you can probably get away with most choices now that Soul Scarf has been nerfed. I don’t think I benefited from the TENT more than once, but it’s a good safety net before the build ramps up.


Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)
  • (TENT)

I just couldn’t find helpful Charm rewards on my C16 run. I seemed to have more luck with my Gear rewards. I’m not saying you should avoid Charms, but this highlights that they aren’t required (at least for this build).


  • IMP (x4 granted from Weapon – not subject to Companion limit)

Before getting STRONG TOGETHER I used one of each SKELETON.


I’ll get this written up in a future edit. Screenshot for now:

Cinder 16 - Patch 0.2.2 (Necro Companion/Aura Build)

Other Tips/Strategies:

  • As the Necromancer, you’ll want to save all the Souls you can. Don’t waste Souls at the Bonfire – ignore it somehow; pretend this is Demon’s Souls. Just remember that more Souls = more Companion Damage from your Character Passive.
  • There are new Gameplay Settings for Aura/Companion Opacity. This is a fantastic addition – I find myself very distracted by anything that isn’t an enemy sprite/projectile. Fewer things to look at = fewer times I’m getting hit or Dashing unnecessarily. I have these down at 40% (personal preference).
  • Let your Companions cook – focus on not getting hit. The safest thing to do in a crowded room is just stay away from enemies and let your Companions do all the work. If anything gets close, your Auras should light it up.
  • OCCULT MARK’s Corruption animation will leave dark blue trails that you can use to track down far/hidden mobs (or bravely run away, away).
  • Your Companions have an aggro range, so keep an eye on that. Sometimes enemies will hug the walls of a large room and your Companions won’t ‘see’ them until you get closer.
  • Spend ALL of your money on Arcade/slot machines and then bomb them if they aren’t broken. You get so many goodies! Don’t worry, it’s not a gambling addiction.. probably.
  • Stay calm and only use your Dash when absolutely needed – remember that this is not a DEX based build. Your HUGE brain is a bit of an easy target.

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