Total War PHARAOH Melee Unit Chart

Navigate Total War: PHARAOH's melee units like a pro with our expert chart. Master battlefield strategy and dominate with superior melee forces. Explore now!

In Total War: PHARAOH, immerse yourself in ancient Egypt at the height of its power and experience the dramatic events that threaten its destruction. You have to fight to protect yourself and continue your life in this adventure! How about a table for each melee unit? This Total War PHARAOH Melee Unit Chart guide will help you!

This is the guide Hikotai it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Total War PHARAOH Melee Unit Chart

This Total War PHARAOH Melee Unit Chart guide will show you chart for every melee unit. There are 123 unique dedicated melee units in the chart. The units not included are the following types: Generals, Bodyguards, Archers, Slingers, and Chariots. Everything else is included.

All factions are color coded. If it is greyscale, those units can be purchased by any faction. If it is Tyrian Purple those units can only be purchased if you are in high enough court positions in the campaign, or for multiplayer anyone can purchase.

How to Navigate the Chart

Sorting Units by their Categories

You can right click a column at the very top where it says A, B, C, D, etc…. You will get a drop down menu that allows you to sort from A-Z or Z-A….

  • A-Z means lowest to highest.
  • Z-A means highest to lowest.

SO, if you wanted the unit with the most body armor in the game, Sort Column H (armor base) from Z-A. Make sure to right click the H and not “armor base”. If you do not right click the H the drop down will not appear.

Chart for every melee unit

Scrolling and Dragging

You can scroll up and down, you can also move left and right… The names of the units will stay in place while you move left and right, allowing you to never lose place of the unit you are looking at.

Chart for every melee unit

Resetting the Chart Layout

You can go to the second furthest most column, the X Column labeled “RESET” and sort that column by A-Z. This will reset to the default view.

Chart for every melee unit

Other Charts

At the bottom of your screen it will have a list of different factions in tabs, click that faction and it’s chart will open up.
This is so you can see every unit available to the faction you care about. Allowing you to make your army more effective by min/maxing easier.
Chart for every melee unit

You will also notice a tab called “main faction melee” this is just the main faction units. So only units available to 1 faction. This allows you to compare and see which factions have the criteria you find the best… If you want a faction that is the fastest, now you can find it. IF you want the faction that is the best AP damage, now you can see.

Then there is a tab called “Local Melee” this is only units available to every faction. This will allow you better navigate the open map in campaign and see where you want to go to get better units for fighting certain armies.

Chart Column Information

Interesting Things in the Chart

What each column means

  • Tier………………… What tier the unit is, higher the tier the more it costs in Campaign and Multiplayer.
  • Total Units………. How many people are in the unit with MEDIUM unit size.
  • Total Health……… How much health the total unit has.
  • Shielded………….. Does the unit carry a shield.
  • Shield Missile % .. What % chance the shield has at stopping missiles. (Higher = better)
  • Health/Unit……….. Total Health/Total Units= Health/unit. It tells us how much health each individual soldier has in the unit.
  • Armor Base………. This is the suit of armor the unit wears, not the shield.
  • Amor shield………. This is the units shield armor, not the suit.
  • Moral……………….. How much courage/moral the unit has standard, at the start of a battle.
  • Speed……………… How fast the unit is without any modifiers
  • Melee Attack……… the % chance the unit has of landing a melee attack.
  • Melee Defense ….. The % chance the unit has of defending against another units attack.
  • Damage base…….. The damage the unit does with no modifiers.
  • Damage AP………… The damage the unit does as AP damage. AP goes directly through armor and is always applied as damage if the unit hits it’s enemy.
  • Damage Shield…….. The amount of damage dealt to the shield itself
  • Damage large……… The bonus damage the unit does vs Chariots or other large units.
  • Charge Bonus……… The bonus the unit gets in first contact if it was charging.
  • Total Damage………. This is Base + AP = Total damage. This is how much damage units will deal to each other.
  • Armor/Missile……….. This is the theoretical armor the unit has under missile fire.
  • Total Armor………….. This is the armor with both Suit and Shield added together.
  • Score…………………. This is a made up score I did by averaging all the units main stats. The higher the over all the higher the score… It does not mean the unit is better. It just means the unit has a higher over all average.
  • Faction………………. What faction the unit belongs to.
  • Reset………………… A column with numbers to allow the chart to reset to default view when sorted.

Final Words

This was all done by hand, so some things may have typo’s/errors… I did my absolute best to avoid such things.
I will likely never update this list, so if you notice it is outdated in the future as CA updates the game and you wish to update it. Please share for everyone to enjoy.

What you can do

You can copy this chart and modify it yourself and now use the numbers in certain ways to find the unit with the highest over all armor and AP damage… Or the unit with the highest over all Speed and Charge Bonus…
The sky is the limit what you can do, I am basically just giving the base numbers out… Enjoy and feel free to share what charts and formula’s you make.

I did not make the charts extremely pretty because my main goal was to give the base stuff out for everyone to manipulate further. So it is your job to copy the chart and modify it to your needs.

The chart can be used in it’s base form but it is very basic in what it can do in this form.

Charts are decieving!

Just because one unit has higher stats does not make it better…
Another unit with lower stats may be resistant to flanks and get a boost for being outnumbered… Meaning it will hold the line MUCH longer than a unit with better raw HP and Armor….

It may be raining, now units with StormBreaker will perform better… It may be a forest, now units who lose in the open plains will win…
There are A LOT of factors that go into what unit is the best, more than what is in the chart.

Use the charts with caution, understand it’s limitations… Basically the only way the chart is 100% accurate is if both players just march their armies in and never maneuver or use abilities or formations in their units.

The chart is nice for getting a base level understanding on what your army is strong and weak at. And simply counters against other armies.


Written by Hikotai

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