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Make Infinite Money How to? So real quick, just want to warn that this method can […]

Make Infinite Money How to?

So real quick, just want to warn that this method can be used and looked at in several ways. If used properly, this is honestly just a way to occasionally make some extra money on the side by “outwitting” the rich or asking your friends to be generous. If abused, this is a broken system that abuses your friends and takes advantage of the “kindness and generosity” of others. Basically, you can use this method to occasionally pull yourself out of a tight spot, or you can pretty much straight up cheat the game without using a third-party program. This may or may not kill the fun of your game as you can literally buy out pretty much everyone using it, have armies filled with the most expensive units, never have to build with the intention of making money, etc…so do this method at your own risk!!!

Let’s Make a Deal!

Now let’s get started. For the sake of walking through, I’m going to do this step by step as though you were about to play on a new Legendary Campaign.

Step 1: Pick any character, anyone will do but I like Liu Bei personally because Kong Rong is a good friend for money later on.

Step 2: Earn as much money as you can by the end of your turn. This applies to turn 1 as well as turn 100. More money is better but for practical reasons, I recommend Loot and Occupy rather than Sack and Withdraw.

Step 3: Find your richest friend (in Liu Bei’s case this is Tao Qian) and then Negotiate a Non-Aggression Pact. Request Regular Payments and put as much money as you can to match the positive factor of the Non-Aggression Pact and Propose Deal. Do the same for Military Access and Trade Agreement(if you can). The point of all this is to make them as friendly towards you as possible while earning a little money along the way.

Step 4: Now Negotiate again and this time go straight to Request Regular Payments. See what the Negative Factor is, 1.5 and below is generally a good sign but not always. Go ahead and click on the right arrow to bring them up 10% and do it until you see a rise of several numbers ex. -2.1 suddenly becoming -3.4 means stop.

Step 5: From there go down 1 or 2 gold at a time until the number stabilizes after multiple decreases. This usually happens around -2.2 to -2.3 but can be higher or lower sometimes.

Step 6: Once the number is stable, REMEMBER THAT NUMBER, then click Make This Work. If this is done correctly, your screen should look like this

Down at the bottom I requested regular payments of 117 for 10 tens turns which ends up as 1170 gold at the end. To make this work I have to pay around 690. This number fluctuates from the minimum required to make it work, to the maximum before it goes .1 over the requirement. That means in 10 turns I make a profit of of around 480 gold!

Step 7: Now use that same number from the last step and it will be the exact same as last time. Click Make This Work again and repeat this until you don’t have enough gold to make the deal work anymore.

So now you are broke but you will be rich in a few turns. You gave your friend a loan and he is paying you back with interest. But what if you are greedy?….Well why not try asking for some of that money back?

Step 8: Negotiate again and choose Request Payment. This time start at a number that results in -2.2 and click Make This Work. Your monthly payments show result in you paying less over 10 turns then you are receiving this turn Ex. You pay 89 gold a turn for 10 turns resulting in 890 gold while they pay you 950 gold meaning that you earn a 60 gold profit. Something like this

Now you have the drugs AND the money!!! But what if you want more?

Step 9: Instead of accepting that deal, click the X on your payment and raise their payment by 10% and Make This Deal again. Are they still paying you more? Is your profit higher than before? If the answer to either of these answers is no, then go down -0.1 and try again. When both of these answers are Yes, then you are making maximum profits.

Step 10: Now Just repeatedly do this until you are making enough money to make you satisfied. I know the numbers don’t seem like much, but as the game goes on and people get richer, you can request higher regular payments. The highest I’ve gotten so far is 350 while paying 1800 gold (1700 per transaction). Then I am so friendly with them that I buy 25555 gold back for payments of 1450 per turn (10k Gold Profit) At this point, I had 51k gold to work with because of my spending so I was able to raise profits by 6k per turn every 5 minutes. So 60k gold every 5 minutes put in.

If you look at the left, you can see my profits and expenditures.

The Math and Why This Works

So for those wondering why this works, when you Request Payment or Request Regular Payment, the other character always has a -1 because they dislike the idea while the other negatives come from dislike of you, your respectability, and their own economic power.

I have found that the Request Regular Payment has a different rule than the Request Payment.

When you Request Regular Payment, the economic power is only influenced by the amount of money the character had when your turn started. So before you even opened the trade window, their economic power was set.

On the other hand, Request Payment’s economic power is based off of the highest amount of money the character has had this turn. So when you Request Regular Payment and then pay them until you are broke, you are giving them money and thus lowering the negative influence in Request Payment. They have more money now and so feel like they can afford to give you more.

So for example, lets say you have 10k gold, and the other guy has 10k gold and you are neutral towards each other. He is willing to pay you 200 gold per turn while you pay him 1000 gold so you get 1000 gold profit after 10 turns. However he is only willing to give you 1000 gold if you pay him 220 per turn. This is obviously not in your favor at all. But if you Request Regular Payment 10 times, then he is paying you 2000 gold per turn and now has 20k gold. If you Request Payment from him now, he is willing to give you 2000 gold for only 150 gold per turn. Even when you continuously make the deal, he is still willing to pay 2000 gold for 150 per turn even when he only has 2000 left. So now you have your 10k, his 10k, and he is paying you 500 gold per turn and that is from when you only had 10k gold at the start. Now do the same deals again, giving him all the gold then taking it back. It turns into you having 20k gold and him paying you 3000 gold a turn. Again and it is 4500 gold a turn. Then 6000, 7500, etc… And you can do this infinitely.

Here is the math to make the explanation simple.

  • (You) 10k + 0 per turn | (Him) 10k + 0 per turn
  • (You)10k/1000(in payments) = 10(transactions) * 200(per turn) = 2000(per turn)
  • (You) 0k + 2000 per turn | (Him) 20k – 2000 per turn
  • (Him) 20k/-2000(in payments) = -10(transactions) * 150(per turn) = -1500(per turn)
  • (You) 20k + 500 per turn | (Him) 0k – 500 per turn
  • (You) 20k/1000(in payments) = 20(transactions) * 200(per turn) = 4000(per turn)
  • (You) 0k + 4500 per turn | (Him) 20k – 4500 per turn
  • (Him) 20k/-2000(in payments) = -10(transactions) * 150(per turn) = -1500(per turn)
  • (You) 20k+3000 per turn | (Him) 0k – 3000 per turn

By doing this, you potentially get infinite money.

What to do with this money?

Now that you have all this money, what do you do with it? Here is a list of some possible options

Buy the highest quality and quantity army possible: Simple, self-explanatory and if you play well then you can win the game with ease.

Upgrade your cities: You will never need to worry about not being able to upgrade again!

Buy Food: ALL THE FOOD!!!!

Buy More Gold: Who says you have enough gold?!!!

Buy land: Land is cheap when you have infinite money, though you can technically only afford land that costs up to -30 unless you use other things like equipment to sweeten the deal.

Buy Peace: Pay off anyone who hates you with money, land, and equipment, then buy back the land and equipment.

Buy friends: Friends like gifts, especially gifts of gold. Give them enough gold and anyone will be your friend!

Buy China!: Once everyone is your friend, buy their lands, their food, their service. Anything and everything they have is yours to buy. Do this until you are crowned Emperor and then watch the sun rise on a grateful China. All of China unified without bloodshed…..magical.

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