Total War Three Kingdoms – Officers

Officer Recruitment

There are multiple ways to obtain new officers:

  • Defeating an army in battle has a chance to let you capture an officer; some officers can be employed
  • Confederating or “diplo-annexing” (vassalize then annex) a faction will also lead to all officers joining you
  • Forcing a leader to abdicate to your rule (if you’re both leading kingdoms) will lead to the control of that entire faction as well
  • A spy embedded in a faction may cause a civil war, and those loyal to your spy will join your faction
  • The spy can also lower the satisfaction of officers in a rival faction, and they may leave that leader’s service
  • Arranged marriages
  • Roaming characters may also end up in your recruitment pool
  • Defeated factions may have their characters scattered across all of China, and you may even encounter legendary heroes or former faction leaders
  • A handful of events may lead to historical heroes being recruited

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