Total War Three Kingdoms – Resource Locations & Campaign Map

In this guide, I willt talk about each type of settlement: small settlements with resources and regional capitals.

Resources Map

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List of Resources

Each small settlement has its own resource, some are common, others are unique and rare. Based on this, I divide all resources into four types:

  • Common resources
  • Rare resources
  • Urban resources
  • Unique resources

Common Resources

Copper 6

Grain 15

Rice 9 (icon is the same as for the grain, the difference is in the localization (the grain is in Northern China, rice – southern)

Fishing 8

Iron 7

Livestock 13

Lumber 14

Salt 6

Tools 9

Trade port 8 It allows you to build a trade port in the commandery, which at 5 tier can be specialized to Coastal, Industiral or Spice

Rare Resources

Horses 4 are produced in the northernmost part of the map in the border areas

Jade 2 are produced in the center of the map

Silk 3 are produced in the North-Western part of the map

Spice 3 are produced in the South-Western part of the map

Tea 3 are produced in the South/southwest

Urban Resources

Urban resources do not have a specific location, access to them is opened in certain buildings of the capital of the commandery

 Artisans are available after the construction of 4 tier Labour, Private workshops

Entrepreneurs are available after the construction of 4 tier Marketplace

Industrialists are available after the construction of 4 tier Labour, State workshops

Unique Resources


  • Commandery: Pengcheng
  • Satisfaction: +10 (faction-wide) / research Rate: +20% (faction-wide)
  • Economic buildings construction cost reduction: -10%

The otheres buildings bring items for our characters. The chance of getting the best quality items depends on the tier of construction

Armourers 2
Commandery: Chengdu, Changsha

Weaponsmiths 2
Commandery: Shangyoung, Poyang

Animal tamer 1
Commandery: Shuofang

Campaing Map

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