Total War Three Kingdoms – Romance Mode

Romance Mode Romance mode has a form of story, in which the leaders and generals are […]

Romance Mode

Romance mode has a form of story, in which the leaders and generals are the real heroes on the battlefield, able to defeat dozens of enemies alone with the of use powerful abilities. They may be the factor that tilts the chances of winning. In both parts of Total War: Warhammer game was based on similar principles. This mode is characterized by the following characteristics.

1. Leaders and generals appear on the battlefield as a separate unit, without the royal guards.

They’re much more effective in combat than individual units and have powerful abilities to kill enemy units or weaken them. Also, they can significantly strengthen allied troops, raising morale or damage. These units can also be equipped with weapons, armor, riding mounts or other items that change their stats.

2. In this mode, generals on the battlefield can engage in Duels. During the fight, the two generals will fight in a one-on-one clash.

The General who wins the battle will offer himself and his troops a bonus to efficiency on the battlefield. The troops of the loser will receive a powerful penalty to morale. The battle can be stopped at any time by general’s escape or by attaching your other troops to him. However, this will also result in punishing the morale for the allied troops.

3. In this mode combat tactics are not that important

The units exhaust much slower and are able to fight longer and more effectively, and the mentioned generals allow you to align the tactical shortcomings of the player’s mistakes.

4. Romance mode allows you not to worry about the difference of unit quantity.

If, for example, your army is less numerous and much weaker than the enemy’s army, but your generals are far superior to the enemy in levels or equipment, you can easily win such a battle.

How to change the game mode?

Game mode can be selected at the beginning of the game – immediately after selecting the leader, before the campaign will begin. In the lower right corner, click the button, by default it’s called “romance“. After clicking on it, you will see two options to choose from, Romance and Records, along with a brief description of both. You must confirm your selection and start the campaign to start the game in the appropriate mode.

Note: The game mode cannot be changed after the campaign has been launched. If you want to move, for example, from records to romance, you will need to start the game from the beginning.

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