Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Lag Sollution

Lag Sollution This guide  one amazing way to fix lag issues. How to do it? It […]

Lag Sollution

This guide  one amazing way to fix lag issues.

How to do it?

It is extremely easy, and there is only a couple steps. They will be numbered:

Step 1: Open your library and find TABS
Step 2: Right click on the icon and select Properties
Step 3: In the Properties menu, click on Set Launch Options
Step 4: Type in -force-d3d9 and click Go
Step 5: Launch the game and experiment with the speed and lag. You may need to set your resolution lower and turn things off.
Step 6 (REQUIRED): You can experiment with the Video tab in settings but do NOT turn off Vsync. It will make the game slower.

NOTICE: This wont fix all lag and the rest of it is your computer, but this will reduce it greatly. Don’t think you can run a 100 mammoth vs 100 mammoth battle now. This is overall just a laggy game and a newer computer may be required for a smooth, lag free game.

1 thought on “Totally Accurate Battle Simulator – Lag Sollution”

  1. WOW this works!!!! Literally went from so much lag it instantly hurt my eyes. (strobing flashing scenery when panning the map, rubberbanding and frames speeding up and slowing down)

    and now it runs as smooth as rocketleague offline used to. (very buttery smooth)

    Thankyou very much!!!! my nephew (and me) are psyched!.
    (I have everything on default high, Vsync on, motion blur off 1080p on i74790k and 1070ti ddr3 16gb ram.) Only change I made was to disable fullscreen optimization in task manager – properties and set priority to high also in taskmanager.

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