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Trace Walkthrough Guide

Master the enigmatic world of Trace with our comprehensive walkthrough guide. Uncover secrets, solve puzzles, and embark on a mesmerizing journey!

Hello from our Trace Walkthrough Guide. Your objective within Trace is to depart from this magnificent country. Yet, Trace is replete with a multitude of astonishing puzzles that must be conquered if you harbor any aspirations of making your escape. The path ahead is extensive, but fear not, for our comprehensive walkthrough guide is at your disposal, prepared to assist you every step of the way!

Trace Walkthrough Guide

Welcome to our Trace Walkthrough Guide. This guide will show you everything you need in the game in detail!

Escaping the Bathroom

Your primary goal is to unlock the bathroom door, granting access to the rest of the house. Stand in front of the toilet, and you’ll notice a small panel near the floor adorned with a sequence of colored arrows. This panel holds the key to your liberation.

  1. Configure the arrows in a manner that forms a star shape. Additionally, retrieve the half pair of scissors from the cabinet to your left.
  2. Combine the scissors with their counterpart, found in the bathroom sink. Employ them to sever the string affixed to the key near the mirror, and use this key to unlock the lockbox resting on the shelf.
  3. Inside the lockbox, you will discover a note disclosing the existence of a concealed tile located behind the bathroom mirror. This tile conceals an image of a fish, replete with dots and lines. Match these markings with the arrows.
  4. Return to the mirror and select the picture frame at the floor’s base. Behind it, you’ll uncover a hidden safe. The combination for this safe is 5, 4, 7, 2.
  5. Procure the lightbulb and insert it into the pumpkin, which will reveal the final arrow puzzle combination. Arrange the arrows to mirror the eyes and nose of the pumpkin.

Upon completing this puzzle, the cabinet beneath the sink will swing open, granting access to the key for the bathroom door. However, your escape isn’t complete. To exit the bathroom, place the key into the panel on the door and adjust the blocks so that the key aligns with the green lock.

Escaping the House

Your subsequent objective involves venturing outside the house and making your way to the nearby tower. To achieve this, commence by collecting items that do not necessitate puzzle-solving:

  • An action figure positioned between the potted plant and the couch.
  • A battery hidden beneath the couch cushion.
  • A toy horse housed in the top desk drawer.
  • A star-shaped emblem concealed on the painting and under the couch.

While you won’t use these items immediately, they will prove valuable later on. With these items secured, initiate the process by solving the planetary puzzle situated at the bay window.

1.Complete the Metal Plate

Beneath the bay window, there’s a cabinet awaiting your attention. Align the planets inside to mirror the celestial bodies outside the window, then press the red button to secure a Metal Plate. Now, shift your focus to the bathroom window with the Toy Horse. Contort the horse’s neck so that its eye lines up perfectly with the diamond. Depressing the button on the horse will release the second half of the Metal Plate. Once you gain entry to the porch, repeat this puzzle from the opposite side of the window.

2.Retrieve the Green Key and Box Cutter

Within the room, a sequence of red buttons awaits your exploration. To unlock the gray chest resting on the end table, follow this precise order: Fishtank, fan, computer, by the planet puzzle, behind the painting portraying a house, and finally, the gray chest. In the case of the painting, synchronize the symbols on the Metal Plate with the levers on the wall to unveil a concealed red button.

3.Acquire Five Additional Stars

Utilize the Green Key to access the porch. Turn left and manipulate the blocks mounted on the wall, beginning from left to right, as follows: round potted plant, tall potted plant, short potted plant, and painting of a potted plant. Collect a star from each location, including those on and under the table, and one adjacent to the piano. The fifth star is tucked beneath the end table, near the edge. Proceed to the desk and open the drawers in the following order: X, O, X, O, U, to obtain a magnet. Utilize this magnet to extract the fifth star from the tube.

4.Acquire the Brass Key

To commence, employ the Box Cutter to incise the carpet beneath the end table. Inserting the Batteries into the overhead light will illuminate the enigma behind the floor puzzle and grant you both the Submarine and a Puzzle Piece. Step out to the porch and resolve the puzzle situated on the table. Subsequently, return indoors and utilize the Box Cutter on the arm of the couch to secure the Brass Key.

5.Unlock the Front Door

Dismantle the paneling on the door using the following code: 2, 6, 3, 3, 6, 6, 1, 6, 1. Position a solitary Star within each designated color-coded section (as demonstrated in the accompanying screenshot), then depress the red button. As you prepare to depart, don’t forget to retrieve the action figure located on a shelf by the door, out on the porch.

Escaping the Planet

Now, you’re embarking on the final phase of your journey. Venture into the tower and make a left, leading to a dead-end. Here, you’ll encounter a small end table and a frame housing a puzzle akin to the one concealed behind the painting of a house.

Begin by tackling the puzzle on the small end table. Enter “I DID DEEDS” to acquire a Dragon Action Figure. Following this, resolve the puzzle on the wall, proceeding from left to right: Downward arrow, S, squiggly line, lowercase D, and X. Completing this sequence will reward you with another action figure and a key.

Return to the porch and employ the recently obtained key to unlock the umbrella. It will unfurl, casting shade over the nearby chair and unveiling an image of a wizard’s hat. Inspect the chair and take a screenshot using the Camera function to serve as a future reference.

Revisit the tower and unlock the door on the first floor. Observe the gear on the door and trace the image of the wizard’s hat, which you recently captured in your screenshot.

Next, glance up at the ceiling to spot eight lights. Using the provided screenshot as your guide, click on the lights in the following order: 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 7, 8, 4. With the four action figures you’ve collected, position them on the pedestal from left to right: Phoenix, dragon, vampire, and troll. Retrieve the screwdriver for later use.

Return to the house and employ the screwdriver to open the panel beneath the shelf near the fishtank. Enter the provided password to gain access to the Tower app on the PC. Completing a game of MatheMagic will equip you with the knowledge of the sigils required to unlock the safe concealed within the desk.

Inside the safe, you’ll discover a book containing a launch date, several images, and a series of planets linked together by an arrow. Ascend to the tower’s second floor and approach the panel at the back, adorned with dials featuring various shapes. From left to right: Circle, Square, Triangle, Star, Square, Triangle, and Circle.

Match the flight plans and launch date to those of the planets and dates referenced in the book from the desk safe, then click “GO.” Return to the house and position yourself near the bay window.

Notice the pyramid? Each black spot is adaptable in color. The key is to align the colors with the solar system diagram provided after you entered the flight plans. Upon completion, grasp the apex of the pyramid to unveil that it’s a key.

Now, return to the bathroom, only to discover it’s locked. Utilize the Pyramid Key to unlock the door, granting you access. Remove the padlock from the toilet using the Brass Key, then lift the lid, and your journey is finally complete!

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