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Mods Whether it’s new vehicles, streets, bus stops and more, our handy list of best Transport […]


Whether it’s new vehicles, streets, bus stops and more, our handy list of best Transport Fever 2 mods gathers picks, whether must-have or simply cool, in one place.

The Best Transport Fever 2 Mods

Given how it’s still early days, our list of the best Transport Fever 2 mods will continue to grow as more modders get to change the game or add to it according to their vision. Thus, it’ll be worth checking back periodically to see the new additions.

Marc’s Street and Trampack Mod

The Marc’s Street and Trampack Mod adds a number of new streets, including green tracks for trams. You’ll find the new additions in the street menu, under the Tram category, split into two types: roads without red bus/priority lane and roads on which the AI cannot build houses and which also have no red markings.

More Line Colors by LINX Mod

If you’re looking to make your cities more colorful and lively, the More Colors by LINX Mod should be right up your alley. Users gain access to 20 official colors alongside a total of 80 Pantone colors that can be applied to lines and vehicles.

Night Mode Mod

Tired of good old daylight? The Night Mode Mod, true to its name, darkens everything so that your Transport Fever 2 session gets as close as can be to taking place at night. The mod is currently listed as experimental and doesn’t yet feature a day/night cycle but, nonetheless, having the option of turning down the sun is very much welcome.

Urban Bus Stops Mod

One of two mods tackling bus stops in Transport Fever 2, the Urban Bus Stops Mod adds an urban bus stop that can be used starting with the year 2000. Creator EISFEUER plans on expanding the pack to feature more options in the future.

Rural Bus Stops Mod

As opposed to its modern counterpart above, EISFEUER’s Rural Bus Stops Mod looks to the past, adding three bus stops, two of which are available starting with 1850 while the third can be used from 1950.

Non-essential Transport Fever 2 Mods

  • Ludmilla DR BR130,131,132,142
  • BR 18201
  • Bimdzf
  • v200 by Grimes
  • UIC Z-Waggon from DR
  • UIC Y-Wagen DR
  • V180 DR
  • Bmhe DR Mitteleinstiegswagen
  • Volvo Viking L485/N86
  • MAN SL 202

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