Treasure Hunter Simulator – Selling Treasures

The majority of Treasure Hunter Simulator’s gameplay consists of treasure hunting. Finding a legendary treasure is satisfying, but it won’t give you a lot of cash. Money is important in this game, so it is better to learn how the treasures selling system works. This chapter contains all the information about this topic.


Treasure Hunter Simulator Selling Treasures 1

The previous chapters of this guide focused on ways of finding and digging out treasures as well as detectors used in this process. This chapter focuses on selling your findings. Treasures can be divided into 3 groups:

  • Trash: all kinds of nails, pitons, buttons, and other scraps that have no value. They are usually collected during side missions. Items from this group can be sold for $1.
  • Treasures that can be sold: – this group contains all non-legendary items that require identification. Here, you can find coins, shell casings, parts of a tool or complete tools, and even cannonballs. Here, the prices range between $10 and $40 per piece.
  • Legendary treasures: unique treasures based on authentic items. Each location has one legendary item. You can get them during the main missions – you won’t miss them. Legendary treasures can’t be sold – they serve as trophies. All items are displayed in your character’s office.

Selling Treasures

Once you find a treasure or junk, you will need to sell it. You can do that by going back to your base. Use the computer and go to COLLECTION tab – here, you can find all your currently owned items. Click on a treasure you want to sell, and then press the button in the bottom right corner of the screen. Keep doing that until your inventory is empty (excluding legendary treasures).

Remember about the following things while you are collecting and selling items:

  • You can’t sell everything at once – you have to sell one item at a time (click on an item, sell it, and repeat).
  • You can’t sell legendary treasures – when you click on them, you won’t see the option to sell a given item.
  • You can carry an unlimited number of items – you don’t have to worry that your inventory will be full during treasure hunting.
  • Always try to find at least a dozen items – thanks to that you will always have enough money for the next trip.
  • Don’t get used to the fact that you have a lot of money at the beginning of the game. The prices for detectors and trips go up drastically about halfway through the game. Try to save money right from the beginning.

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