TRIBES 3 Rivals: Roaming Raider Guide

If you’ve just joined TRIBES 3 Rivals and want to improve your skills in the game and win the matches that come your way, this roaming raider guide will show you the routes in the game and the information you need to come out on top.

This guide was created by Gare Games.

Roaming Raider: Medium Offense Build

This roaming raider guide describes how you can learn routes, disrupt the enemy, and win games.

  • Spend each round developing your skiing skills. Try to get your speed up pretty high. Direct Paths, Side paths, and behind paths.
  • Disrupt the enemy as much as possible. Knock them off point. Grenade Launcher, SpinFusor, and Grenades
  • Hurt, but don’t kill. An injured enemy is better than a respawned one.
  • Hit a base building every once in a while but don’t sit on them.
  • Always be moving.

Ski around the map in a circular manner. Ski to the enemies base go around it. Shoot bad guys that are on the point with disk or grenade launcher based on their location. Try to cause as much damage and ski out of there. You aren’t looking to get kills. You are looking to disrupt.

Get in and get out. Build up your momentum and hit them again. Keep on moving. This is not a slow paced game.

What do I mean by disrupt?

Disruption is when you mess up the enemy teams formation. For example, if you got a fat Heavy Defense sitting on the flag post you want to knock that guy off of home plate. Dunk him with a grenade launcher during your route and get out of there fast.

A lot of pubs will chase you. This is good. Get them off of that platform!.

Drop a few of your AP grenade off while you ski past and a disk or two.

Punish the Stationaries

Any of the enemy home boys that are standing at their base defending need to be shot with a disk. Cause havoc and make them pay for their mistake.


Raider (Medium Offense)

Weapon 1: Spinfusor

  • You choose the spinfusor for its direct trajectory.

Weapon 2: Grenade Launcher

  • This weapon has 4 rounds and an arc. Use this often to cause a lot of disruption at the base or around pile ups along routes.

Weapon 3: Sparrow Pistol

  • Whenever an enemy is hovering and very low health use this pistol to whittle them to death. Treat it like a flak cannon and lead your shots. I’m able to eliminate a lot of fleeing arial foes with this weapon.

Belt: Your Preference

  • The Stick Grenade allows me to stick the routes I see the enemy frequenting. While the AP Grenade is a good platform clearer.

Pack: Phase Pack

The strategy behind this guide is to be constantly disrupting the enemy platform and routes. Using the Shield Pack will just deplete all of your energy is a waste.

Instead use the phase pack when you are forced to ground but still have jetpack and don’t want to waste momentum or ski in the same direction.

Deploy and stand still and change direction and launch yourself out! It does use a little energy, but you should be able to launch off in no time.

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