Tribes of Midgard – How To Get Golden Horns

Tribes of Midgard How To Get Golden Horns

Welcome to our Tribes of Midgard How To Get Golden Horns guide. The ULTIMATE guide on how to MAX out your Golden Horns to spend in the shop!

How To Get Unlimited Golden Horns


The most simple method to earning Golden Horns, is putting in the time and effort. You earn Golden Horns at levels 6, 10, 15, 20, 26, 32, 40, and 46 of the Battle Pass. Which of course, you level up your season rewards track by playing the game and completing worlds. All of these combined will add up to a whopping 40 Golden Horns, just for playing and having fun.

Engage in Combat as Much as Possible while out Exploring your New World

There is a small chance you can receive a Golden Horn every two or three worlds you load into, but there’s no definitive percent or chance I can list. They just drop out of blue every now and then when playing throughout the game.

Slay the Jötunn Every Time it Appears

Each slain Jötnar will reward you with 1 Golden Horn upon returning to the main menu. This is going to take some skill and a lot of patience, because they can be very difficult to slay all alone. I recommend teaming up with at least 1 friend to make the fight less difficult.

Slay the Saga Boss (And Brag A Little Bit)

Upon slaying the Saga Boss, you will receive 5 Golden Horns after exiting through the Bifrost at the end of the game. You will also gain massive bragging rights over those who have yet to complete the Saga Boss.

Complete The Achievement Challenges

There are 2 achievement challenges that will reward you with 5 Golden Horns each. They are the Legendary Crafter & Paw Paw challenges.

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