Tribes of Midgard – Solo and General Win

Tribes of Midgard Solo and General Win

Welcome to our Tribes of Midgard Solo and General Win guide! Starter kit and classI think the Harvester kit is the best because you start with a lucky loot rune. If you get enough mob drops you can go straight to a tier 3 sword or axe which is huge. Also you can gather stone, wood and especially iron for your hersir sword which is a bonus. The downside of the harvester kit is that you have to run from the mobs cause you’re defenseless at the very start but luckily your waystone comes fully charged.

Lots of people like the villager kit but the villager armor is very easy to make. Also the villager sword from the kit isn’t very good cause it can’t be upgraded to level 3.

Warrior is no doubt the best class for this because you need as much damage as you can get, you’re the only player after all. Also reckless roll makes the final boss much easier. Also he gets ice embrace for if you have the legendary axe.

My build order is:

  • Power Within
  • Final act
  • Axe mastery (you should have your thunder axe by now, if not just get this anyway)
  • Mana surge 1
  • Mana surge 2
  • Reckless roll
  • Untamed Ashes
  • Ice Embrace
  • Fire Embrace (in case your ice axe breaks on fenrir)

Part 1: Beginning – Tribes of Midgard Solo and General Win

Explore and get souls, cut down maple trees so you can make potions. Mine iron and stone so you can make a hersir sword, raider axe and stone tools when you go back. Also get about 6 leather too for your villager armor.

The reason why I make a raider axe too is cause it’s cheap and if you get unlucky with thorns you can use it instead of the sword (you’ll want the sword though cause you have to unlock the tier 3 axe through the store which is annoying)

This is the order I level my npcs: 

  • Tinkerer L2
  • Blacksmith L2
  • Blacksmith L3
  • Tinkerer L3
  • Trapper L2
  • Armorsmith L2

The main area you’re looking for is the land of pools. You will want silver tools asap so mine until you have about 10 silver.

Part 2: Land of Pools

Mine silver so you can make silver tools, and a set of raider armor. Your next goal here is to get the really OP lightning axe unlocked at the blacksmith at level 3.

Loot a few enemy camps for 2 Mushroom moon bolts or just buy them if you run into the trader. You will also have to kill some linnorn for 5 linnorn spikes which should be easy with a hersir sword 3 but they can be hard to find. If you don’t have one you can just use level 2 weapons but it might take a while. Also pick mushrooms for oil you find as they are used in health pots.

You want the lightning axe before the first blood moon. Once you have it you will shred the helthings.

After the blood moon you get a free night where no helthings attack, so go back to the swamp and pick mushrooms for even more mushroom moon bolts (you need them to upgrade) also go to an ash beach to harvest shimmering seaweed. Get amethyst from the beaches too for the crystal tools.

Make sure to do events that pop up. The world stag is really easy and the prisoner is also pretty easy. 
The roosters are annoying to catch so just skip those. I think you only need 1-2 events for the fragments to open the lair.

Part 3: Glacier Peaks & Smoky Highlands – Tribes of Midgard Solo and General Win

By now you should have raider armor and the lightning axe. There will also be a jotunn spawned, on the way to your village and you preferably want to kill it before it gets there. 

If the jotunn is dark type you will have a really easy time. However if you unfortunately got the lightning jotunn I recommend you rush at making your second axe element before trying to kill it.

Upgrade your NPC’s asap:

  • Blacksmith L4
  • Tinkerer L4
  • Trapper L3

You want to explore your island now to find the smoky highlands (because you will have to go to the hideout eventually which spawns there but don’t bother going inside yet) If you found glacier peaks you can chop the frozen trees there because they drop resources that sell for a lot. 

Mine either aquamarine or garnet and kill for either amber or unfrozen talismen so you can make an ice or fire type axe to kill the lightning jotunn. I highly recommend the fire axe because it’s easier to make and is good vs the buffed glacier peak mobs, but either works. 

After killing the jotunn, build the quarry then explore for the broken bridge. It needs a ton of stone which is why you need the quarry. It also needs iron which the quarry also makes, but only 30, compared to 50 stone.

Once you have the blacksmith L4 work on getting your axes to L4 as well.

Also try to find the Ash Beach trader. He sells shimmering seaweed which is used to make armor so you’ll come back for him. You also want to pick seaweed you find as it’s used in large health pots.

Part 4: The Lair

Once you finally made the bridge, explore the glacier peaks island you just unlocked and try to find the lair. You won’t have the fragments needed but it will make coming back here easier. 

If you can make the legendary axe or sword, upgrade the blacksmith to level 5. Also upgrade the armorsmith to level 4. I don’t bother getting trapper level 4 or armorsmith level 5.

Your goal here is to make a full armor set utgard’s armor, and fornjot’s axe or baldr’s blade. It’s okay if you can’t and have to use tier 4 weapons but it helps on the fenrir fight. After that you’re all geared up!

Hopefully you have enough event frags to open the lair, but if not you know where to get those. 
You will have to do a quest for quest fragments, all I needed was a single easy quest so this should be simple.
The jotunn fragments you will have got for free.
The hideout fragments are the hardest to get but with your top tier loadout this should also be easy (go to the hideout in smoky highlands, it’s like a dungeon, at the bottom is a chest called the hideout chest)
If you’re playing multiplayer you will need to do more events and quests but you can at least split the workload.

After that all you have left is the final boss fenrir! He’s a pushover with warrior because you can dodge all his attacks by using your invincibility roll like in darksouls and staying under his belly. The dangerous attack is his howl but it’s pretty obvious, just watch out for the circle on the floor. The fight takes about half a day so make sure it’s not nearly night and your stuff is repaired. Take as many health pots as you can, but by this point it doesn’t matter if you die since you have everything you need, but you will waste time running back.

Congrats, You win!

Tips – Tribes of Midgard Solo and General Win

  • Whenever you have a lot of souls spend them, because you lose all of them if you die! If you have all the npcs you need and the bridge just dump them all into the tree.
  • Don’t use the waystone if you’re close to a shrine. Use it if you’re far away and know you have to defend and it’s almost night.
  • You don’t need to defend every night. Once you have some level 3 and 4 npcs they can handle village defense for a while. 
  • However you probably need to help defend every bloodmoon and also really long nights if you’re close to fimbulwinter. The 3rd bloodmoon suddenly jumps in difficulty so you might want to win before then. If you’re in fimbulwinter (starts day 14 I think) helthings will constantly spawn so you will need to kill fenrir quick if you get there.
  • Chests are the best way of getting souls. Events also drop a lot.
  • Do NOT make gates or archer towers. They’re a crutch or maybe even worse since they cost stone which you need for the bridge. The npcs can handle most nights by themselves.
  • Also don’t bother making a shield, though this might just be the way I play. I didn’t bother blocking anything because potions are cheap and you can dodge through everything with reckless roll.
  • If your hideout is in a smoky highlands with an underpass and you need fragments, just make a ramp to go around it

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