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Tropico 6 – How to Get to Modern Times?

How to Get to Modern Times? The Modern Times is the final era in Tropico chronology. […]

How to Get to Modern Times?

The Modern Times is the final era in Tropico chronology. This time you will face a few superpowers. They are the United States, Russia, China, the Middle East, and the European Union. This era gives you the greatest possibilities.

There are four eras you’ll need to advance through in Tropico 6; the Colonial Era, World Wars Era, Cold War Era, and Modern Era, in that order. Once you’ve made your way to the Cold War Era, you’ll finally be ready to get to the final one, modern times.

Once you’re in the Cold War you’ll get a mission with three different options: build an international landmark, join the nuclear deal, or build a tropical paradise for tourists.

It doesn’t matter which one you pick, as it’s really just dependent upon your playstyle. For our purposes, we chose the landmark option which had us stealing a major world landmark, like the Statue of Liberty or Colosseum, and then collecting the required resources to build it.

Progress towards the Modern Era requires taking one of three paths – the political, nuclear or tourist. Depending on the chosen path, you will get another task, for example, in the case of nuclear, you should build a Nuclear Power Plant and develop the Nuclear Program.

Modern time characteristics
In this era, you have access to all buildings and their improvements available in the game. Thanks to that, you can improve the effectiveness of your industry and reduce its negative impact on the island.

In this era, you can become independent from the quality of the ground on the islands. You will gain access to advanced farm buildings. They require access to electricity and qualified workers. However, you can place them wherever you want.

You will also gain access to renewable energy sources and to Nuclear Power Plant that will provide you with electricity while reducing the amount of pollution.

You will also gain access to the most luxurious hotels that can fit more tourists. If you issue Legalized Substances edict, then you will increase the tourism quality, attracting more tourists.


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