Tunnet Alfred’s Puzzle Solutions

Steps on how to solve Alfred's puzzle in Tunnet.

You can use the solution in our guide to learn how to solve Alfred’s puzzle in Tunnet.

Alfred’s Puzzle Solutions

A simple guide made to answer the quistion of Alfred’s room. Said images are marked as 1 to 4 in the top left and under the images in a header.


As you know the the subnet or whatever it is forces you to use the bridge on the door to Albert’s room to even interact with the endpoint as the bridge convert the address to which creates the puzzle, i believe it has something to do with a subnet but im still learning myself and dont know but the poster in the chamber tries to tell you about it

Alfred's puzzle

That said Alberts room has one hub and two filters that are all preplaced which cant be removed and are non configurable except for the hub, i dont think it is suppose to do or mean much in a practical standpoint as it might as well not be there in the end but its likely more so to teach you as its one of the first few endpoints you will find.


As you might have noticed the bridge on the door is the only way for the address to be corrected so that the endpoint/alfred will take it and not send it away as its not addressed to him as his endpoint is and not personally i know nothing about subnet’s so i cant really explain but you HAVE to route it through the bridge on the door to convert it to the endpoints address and that fact in turn forces us to use the darn bridge with no way around it :C

Alfred's puzzle


Not to fred tho i have a solution which you can learn from if you dont yet understand filters and hubs

The main hub has port 0 connected to the bridge which will act as the in and output of the chamber.
i reconfigured the hub to send incoming to port 2 which goes to the left filter as the right filter would drop our packet, i will dub the left filter “filter 0” and the right one “filter 1”


Alfred's puzzle

As our packet comes in from the hubs port 2 it will arrive at filters 0’s port 0 which shall not be dropped as the filter only drops packets from its port 1 and thus our packet continues to the hub i placed between the filters


Alfred's puzzle

Now our packet arrived from filter 0 to the second hubs port 2 which in turn goes to its port 0 and to our good friend Alfred! 😀
And from him packets will go to the hub and to its port 1 to filter 1


Alfred's puzzle

  • You now likely caught on and see the pattern im trying to lay out
  • we cant send packets through one way through the filters so we go the way that isnt being filtered
  • at all which i also illustrated in the images so yes i do believe this entire puzzle is to teach us about filters and their uses.

Now then as our packet arrives at filter 1 via its port 1 it wont be dropped and continues to its port 0 and back to our beginning hub for which you can reference image 1
as you see our packet arrived at port 1 from filter 1 and this package will go directly to the hubs port 0 because the configuration and leaves for the bridge to be converted to address and on to your network to cry for help receive and send replies to updates and the like


Alfred's puzzle

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