Turmoil – How to Use Gas

How to Use Gas

You are not allowed to attach the pipe you connected to the gas pocket to any oil pockets. The valves can be really helpful as well. If no rig has an opened connection to the gas pocket and the gas pocket is only connected to empty oil pockets and right/left inc, the gas will go to right/left inc.

Another tip: Try to save as much oil as you can and then connect as many gas pockets to one inc as possible to get the prime price and sell as much oil as possible for as much money as possible.

How do i transport gas?

You can only drill to companies, not from. You do not need the drill upgrade for that. But you do need the link upgrade for Left and/or Right. And it’s also handy to have the valve upgrade, so you can close off joints to prevent gas from escaping via rigs (you want all the gas to go into a company, to maximize the price boost effect).

Get’in your oil faster

I suggest getting the pipe size up thing, it’s helpful. If you get this though, you should make sure you have 2-3 horse carts for each oilwell instead of the regular 1 cart. Get more rigs! just buy like 2-3 by the end of the year season thing.

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