Turmoil – Oil How to Find

How to Find Oil in Turmoil

In a game were you gota strike it rich to win, heres my tips to find’in black gold!

Find’in oil.

To get started you have to use a dowser, this may sound kind of pointless to tell you this but i’ll explain.

The dowser looks for oil better than any other kind of oil finder. I think that you should just save your money on moles and the radar thing until your so rich it doesn’t matter. Till then, just stick to upgradeing the dowser.

Now that you got that down, i suggest to start off with 2 dowsers(1 horse cart each oilwell and maybe 1 or 2 horse carts for selling your oil).

Get’in your oil faster!

I suggest getting the pipe size up thing, it’s helpful. If you get this though, you should make sure you have 2-3 horse carts for each oilwell instead of the regular 1 cart. Get more rigs! just buy like 2-3 by the end of the year season thing.

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