Turnip Boy Robs a Bank Achievements Guide

Explore Turnip Boy Robs a Bank achievements and their acquisition methods with detailed information provided in our comprehensive guide.

This guide will show you the achievements in Turnip Boy Robs a Bank and details on how to get them.

Achievements Guide 100%

A guide aimed to help you earn 100% achievements. It is a work in progress, and will be updated as I go.

Story / Natural Progression

These achievements should be earned naturally by completing the story and progressing through the game.

Natural Progression

Breaking & Entering

  • Break into the Botanical Bank.
This achievement unlocks after finishing the tutorial. Enter the bank to trigger the unlock.

Illegal Goods

  • Purchase an item off the dark web.
Access the PC near Annie and buy anything from the dark web to earn this achievement.

Woah! Guns!

  • Use the weapon rack.
Part of the story quest. Speak to Twin #2, who grants access to the weapon rack. Open it to unlock this achievement.

For Science!

  • Research a weapon.
A story quest; recycle your first weapon at Twin #1’s blueprint board to achieve this.

Better, Faster, Stronger

  • Purchase a Robo-Roid.
After reaching a full backpack (of $1000), Robo-Roid will open his shop. Purchase any item to unlock this achievement.

Buy Yourself Something Nice

  • Steal $1,000 total.

Rolling in It

  • Steal $10,000 total.

Hiding Your Wealth

  • Steal $100,000 total.

Please Stop Asking Me for Money

  • Steal $1,000,000 total.
Money will naturally accumulate, especially towards endgame. Vaults, safes, shaking people, stands with items, and killing contribute to earnings.

Ol’ Natural

  • Purchase all the Robo-Roids.
Affording everything is achievable before reaching 1 million gold.

Five Head

  • Reach the max level in weapon research.
Sell weapons to Twin #1 until you reach Level 10.

Boss Achievements

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • Defeat Yeehaw.

Sour Apple

  • Defeat the Rotten Candy Apple.

Thiccc & Snatched

  • Defeat Mecha-Chad.

Killed Another Human…?

  • Defeat Uncle Rigsby.

But at What Cost…

  • Defeat the final boss.


List of achievements. Tips & how-to-earn will be provided as progress is made.


  • Find the Mysterious Motherlode.

Found Dad’s Old Stuff

  • Find Dad’s stuff.

See You Later Space Turnip…

  • Steal the Botanical Bank.

Photography Student

  • Take all the photos.

Five-Star Customer

  • Purchase all the items from the dark web.


  • Complete all tasks.


High Fashion

  • Obtain all the hats.
Listing the hats from the first available. Bald/Mini Me should already be unlocked.

  • Hat #1 – “Robo Roids Merch” – Purchased from the Robo-Roids shop.
  • Hat #2 – “Graffiti Hat” – After obtaining the pickaxe, break statues to progress. Once done, find the “Stinky” graffiti and “Peas” next to it. Talk to him and complete the quest to paint over all the paintings using the crayon. Go a bit further down to paint over every graffiti.

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