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Tyranny has 50 achievements, and it will take at least 5 playthroughs to unlock all of […]

Tyranny has 50 achievements, and it will take at least 5 playthroughs to unlock all of them, if you’re really that dedicated. This is due to several achievements having different outcomes despite doing the same actions, depending on who you are allied with at the time. I will list each achievement and how to unlock it below.

A Slow Death: Execute Tarkin Deimos at the very beginning of the game. After you subdue the rebels in the first area, talk to the leaders arguing over what to do with Tarkin. Tell them to kill him to get this achievement.

All You Survey: Gain control of all 5 spires. Super easy to complete.

Arcanist: Create a spell using each of the 11 core sigils in one game. This is only difficult because acquiring all 11 core sigils in one game can be aggravating. The Sigil of Emotions is particularly tricky. Refer to the Magic Guide for locations. Once you have all 11 core sigils, just create a base form spell for each one, assign it to a spell slot (you can overwrite the previously created one) to get the achievement. You never have to actually use the spells.

Arsenal: Acquire 5 artifacts. Acquiring an artifact means equipping it once to unlock the artifact special ability. Usually done automatically, especially during Anarchy runs.

Bane of the Crossing: Claim the magebane helm at the end of the Lethian’s Crossing main quest. Super easy to do.

Boom: In the Forge-Bound forge in Lethian’s Crossing, there is an apprentice who comments that it is hard to focus. Keep talking to him like 50 or so times, and he will explode, giving you the achievement.

Buidling a Reputation: Gain your first reputation ability. Super easy.

By Our Powers Combined: After you have recruited every companion, use a combo ability with each one at least once to get this achievement.

Capstone: Learn the final ability in any of the main character’s skill trees. Usually done automatically, since the final abilities are all pretty fantastic.

Chaotic Victory: Win the game with no allies (meaning do an Anarchist playthrough).

Charismatic: Reach maximum favor with a faction. Super easy.

Chorus of Victory: Win the game as an ally of the Scarlet Chorus.

Correspondence Course: Send your first missive. Easy.

Cry Havoc!: Defeat every havoc in the game, except not actually. There is one havoc per area, to a total of 4. You only need to defeat 3, since one area closes off for all campaigns except anarchist runs. Lethian’s Crossing and Blade Grave’s havocs are part of the area’s main quest. The Burning Library havoc appears after you break the edict of fire without destroying the library. The Stone Sea havoc appears as part of the Elder Teeth quest for the Stonestalker Tribe.

Day of Swords: Don’t take Vendrien’s Well in time in Act 1. Just… rest at a tent over and over until you lose the game and get the achievement.

Eternal Suffering: Keep Cairn alive. This merits a small walkthrough.
-During the Conquest, DO NOT go to Lethian’s Crossing.
-During Act 1, ally with the rebels.
-During Act 2, go to Lethian’s Crossing and ally with the Bronze Brotherhood
-This will allow you to recruit the Stonestalker Tribe instead of the Earthshakers in the Stone Sea. Take this option, and when the final battle around Cairn resolves, you will get this achievement.

Exarch: Unlocked automatically.

Feel the Burn: Take the Silent Archive without replacing it with another artifact to destroy the Burning Library and unlock this achievement.

Final Judgment: Gain Tunon’s fealty, rather than killing him in Act 3. Refer to the earlier walkthrough for details.

From the Shadows: Gain Bleden Mark’s fealty, rather than killing him in Act 3. Refer to the earlier walkthrough for details. Note that to get this achievement, you must also NOT gain Tunon’s fealty, allowing Bleden Mark a special betrayal scene that is awesome.

How the Mighty Have Fallen: Kill all four main archons (Sirin and Cairn do not count)

I Am The Law: There are random mini-trials you can take part in throughout act 2. Each time you complete an area, return to the Bastard City and resolve anything new happening, and you should unlock this achievement.

Inspiring Leader: Gain Loyalty 5 with a companion

Intimidating: Gain Wrath 5 with a faction.

Iron Victory: Click the Trial of Iron option at the start of a new game. Beat the game afterwards.

Lawyered: At the end of The Blade Grave’s main quest, when dealing with Amelia, utilize the loophole to end the edict. See above guide for how to do this.

Legendary: Acquire an artifact. Acquiring means to equip an artifact once to unlock it’s special ability.

Legion of Victory: Win the game allied with the Disfavored.

Look on My Works, Ye Mighty: Construct all five spire upgrades.

Loremaster: Create a spell with a lore requirement over 100. Endgame Lantry should be able to handle this pretty much all the time.

Made to Be Broken: Break all of Kyros’s Edicts, meaning you have to go to the Burning Library, Stone Sea and Blade Grave, and skip Lethian’s Crossing (unless you’re doing this on an anarchist run).

Magnetic Personality: Recruit all companions. Sirin is the only missable one, as she will disappear from Lethian’s Crossing once you have officially “skipped” that area. Still easy to do this one.

Master of Ascension: Automatically unlocked.

Might Makes Right: Gain Graven Ashe’s fealty, rather than killing him in Act 3. Refer to the earlier walkthrough for details.

Overkill: Acquire 10 artifacts. Acquiring means to equip an artifact once to unlock its special ability. This… is easiest to do in an anarchy run, but still requires some dedicated effort.

Paved with Good Intentions: Gain The Voices of Nerat’s fealty, rather than killing him in Act 3. Refer to the earlier walkthrough for details.

Perceptive: Detect 25 hidden things. Automatically unlocked, usually on your first playthrough.

Savage Stone: Officially join the Stonestalker Tribe. This is NOT allying with them, and this is NOT beating Hundred-Blood for the position of Prima. This is done by talking to Red Fang in the Stone Sea, and taking his quests to join the Stonestalkers. It’s easily missed, as you cannot kill the Earthshakers before talking with Red Fang, and you have to do things in a specific order. Consider saving before doing that area.

Shattered Stone: Kill Cairn on the Anarchist path. Easily missable for stupid reasons. AFTER you get the Azure Shield, your journal will direct you back to Bleden Mark. DO NOT GO BACK YET. Go to Hundred Blood instead, and she will open the path to Cairn. At this point you can go do that whole area and get this achievement as usual, but if you go back to Bleden Mark, the conversation option to unlock Cairn’s area is not available, and you miss out on this achievement.

Solo Performance: Hue hue hue. Give Lethian’s Crossing to the Scarlet Chorus in the Conquest portion of character creation. Go to the brothel, ask for a room for some solo action. Giggle at the fact that this achievement exists.

Some Assembly Required: Construct a single spire upgrade.

Taking a Stand: Claim Sentinel Stand Keep on the Anarchy path. Easy, but also missable since your journal does not ever direct you towards Sentinel Stand on Anarchist playthroughs.

The Mountain Spire: Automatically unlocked.

The Prosecution Rests: Convict an archon at the resolution of A Trial of Archons quest. Refer to the earlier walkthrough for this quest.

This! Is! Tyranny!: At the end of Act 1, kick someone off your spire. You’ll know the option when you see it.

Tyrant: Reach Fear 5 with a companion.

Other Achievements

Unconventional Materials: This is an easy achievement that is needlessly complicated to find. Steps below.
-Choose the Vellum Citadel during the Conquest portion of character creation.
-Delay casting the edict when given the choice.
-During the main game, go to the Burning Library. On the bottom level, a new side section opens up, at the far right side of the map in the middle. Go there, find the sage stuck in lava.
-Choose the conversation option to cut out the magic sigil from his chest. This will give you massive wrath with the Sage’s Guild, so save beforehand if you are looking to stay on good terms with them.

Victorious Alliance: Win the game while allied with the Rebels.

Victory of the Damned: Beat the game on Path of the Damned difficulty without ever changing the difficulty to a lower setting. Obviously must be chosen at the start of the game.

Zero Consumption: Use no health potions, ever. Super easy to do, just play the game on easy mode, and keep Lantry in your party as a dedicated healer, and autopilot through. Other potions are fine, but any potion of healing will negate this achievement.

And that’s it. That’s all the achievements.

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