ULTRAKILL – All Secret Slabs

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ULTRAKILL All Secret Slabs

How to get All Secret Slabs?


You may have noticed a door like this in area 1-4this is what i call the slab door it requires all 4 slabs from the previous areas in the chapter to be activated.


ULTRAKILL All Secret Slabs

Because behind that door is what i call the slab gun its a alternite verson of the revolver but with a slower fire rate BUT HUGE DMG and a charge shot on par with the railgun.

How pt1

From the areas 1-1 to 1-4 there are there are 4 slabs 1 for each level
in order to open the door you must activate ALL the slabs
the first slab is located in this room your gonah have to break the sky light and jump through in order to access the first slab.

How pt 2 Electric Boogalo

  • To get the 2nd slab your gonah have to fight a secret miniboss
  • In order to get there on the otherhand is a bit tricky
  • In the room just before the exit of 1-2 theres a room filled with lava
ULTRAKILL All Secret Slabs
  • To your left is a small but breakable wall
  • Break that wall and youl be met with a verry large room
  • Go to the left of said room and shoot the breakable wall

And the rest ile leave as a suprise.


TO GET THE 3rd and final hidden slab your gonah have to.

ULTRAKILL All Secret Slabs
  • Get both skulls
  • Turn around to your left
  • AND FIGHT 2 SWORD MACHINES (couldnt get a photo to risky)
ULTRAKILL All Secret Slabs

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