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Complete To Do List Quickly To-Do (Quickly!!) tasks are set to a time limit, which makes […]

Complete To Do List Quickly

To-Do (Quickly!!) tasks are set to a time limit, which makes them more difficult to do than the other tasks. To-Do (Quickly!!) items require you resetting the stage to get the timer started, which both prevents an unwinnable situation and ensures that you can’t cheat the system by setting things up in advance.

When you reset an area, you have six minutes until the church bell rings to complete every task in the area on the To-Do List again. You can check the To-Do (Quickly!!) List to get an idea of how much time is remaining, and the To-Do list for the area will add a bell stamp for each task that is completed during the time limit. You do not need to complete tasks on the To-Do (As Well) list for these tasks.

Getting everything done in six minutes is a challenging task, and requires you to move quickly, efficiently, and sometimes just flat out getting lucky. Sometimes the most difficult part of these challenges is just getting the townspeople to do the right things before you’re out of time. As such, these To-Do (Quickly!!) sections aren’t step-by-step walkthroughs to complete each one, but tips and advice to make your run as efficient as possible to account for random circumstances.

Complete the Garden To-Do List Before the Church Bells Ring

By far the most difficult time-limited task in the Garden is to Have a Picnic, because dragging each item across the map takes a long time. You can try and get the Groundskeeper’s attention without using the radio by honking and moving the soil bags around, saving a bit of time in picking up the radio for the picnic.

Otherwise you need to make sure the Groundskeeper isn’t chasing you around when completing tasks. Moving the crate near the cabbage patch helps in getting away, but it also makes you take longer to get to the picnic area. The easiest way to cause a distraction is by picking the tulip–the Groundskeeper will normally prioritize picking up and replanting that over other tasks. You can use the tulip distraction to nab his hat, get him wet, or sneak to the shed area to steal needed items.

Complete the High Street To-Do List Before The Church Bells Ring

A lot of the tasks on High Street require guiding The Boy somewhere and having him do something, so it’s imperative to plan out your tasks with him first and foremost. The other difficult thing of High Street is that the interactions with townspeople can take a lot of time, wasting precious seconds as you wait for them to do something.

It’s best to steer The Boy into the phone booth immediately, and while the animations are playing out with him and the TV Store Owner, run over to his toy plane and drop it into the Shop area. That way, the Shopkeeper can find it and put it up for sale while you take care of the TV task.

Once that’s done, you’ll want to scare the Boy into the shop area, but leave him alone when he gets there so that the long Make Someone Buy Back Their Own Stuff animations can play out. You can use the time the Boy and Shopkeeper are arguing to grab items for Go Shopping and the extra pair of eyeglasses without being detected. Finally, you can trip up the Boy and swap the glasses, then rush over to the trash can to finish shopping.

Complete the Back Gardens To-Do List Before the Church Bells Ring

The difficult part of the Back Gardens is getting the Man to do what you need him to do. He cycles between sipping tea and reading the newspaper, and it’s important for him to be doing the right thing at the right time for a six minute time limit.

Stealing the Man’s newspaper and taking it to the Woman’s Garden will have him either sulking or sipping tea. You need him to be reading the newspaper to steal his first slipper unnoticed, and you’ll need him sipping tea to scare him and grab the second slipper. Finally, he needs to notices items to throw them over, so make sure to honk when something is close by to get him moving.

Compared to the other areas, the item collection task is relatively easy to pull off, provided the Man doesn’t notice that you’re dropping items in his fountain.

Complete the Pub To-Do List Before the Church Bells Ring

Normally, getting into the Pub itself can take a lot of time waiting on the Delivery Woman to come and pick up the box you’re hiding in. However, now that the game is complete, there’s a much faster way of sneaking into the Pub. There’s a No Geese sign right in front of the Burly Man; grab it and start dragging it away from the Pub to get his notice. When he chases after you, you can drop the sign and dash into the Pub, saving precious time. The Burly Man will be chasing you, though, so find a place to duck for a few seconds so he can’t catch you.

From here, the task that’ll take the longest is to set the table, as you need to take several items from the patio area of the Pub and haul them into the back room. Just remember that there’s a plate in the backroom, so you don’t need to grab it from the patio and draw more attention. Also, if the Old Man isn’t getting off his stool, grab and throw his harmonica to have him try and sit back down, or honk to possible have him go to the dartboard.

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