V Rising Castle Rooms

Welcome to our V Rising Castle Rooms guide. All possible rooms,things needed for those rooms, optimal size, while still being able to decorate it!

V Rising Castle Rooms

All possible rooms,things needed for those rooms, optimal size, while still being able to decorate it!


How Stairs Work

  • They MUST be placed on pre existing ramps, they act as a skin for them.
  • Place borders up to the ramp, and THEN place the stairs from the border flooring.
  • They act as a border space so youll need room for it to place them.

Tombs – Medium

  • Cant be placed on flooring but CAN be placed on Garden tiles.

Workshop Room – V Rising Castle Rooms

Room Size – Medium / Large

  • Grinders – How ever many you need to have speedy brick making,
  • Start with one then go to 2-4 if you want – Smallish.
  • Sawmills – Again, how ever many, then 2-4 or higher – Large
  • Wood Workbench – No reason IMO so far, than needing more than 1 in a room – Medium

Forge Room

Room Size – Medium / Large!

  • Furnace – Start with 1, more if needed, i do 2 and its still slow. – Medium Sized, if many.
  • Simple Workbench – Just 1, no need for extra unless you mass produce gear – Smallish.

Alchemist Room

Room Size – Small / Large

  • Alchemy Station – Probably just one, unless you make a lot of potions. – Medium Size
  • Blood Press – If you have a lot of rats or need quick high end blood, 2-4, otherwise just 1 – Small
  • Vermin Nests – Depending on server settings, as many as you want! – Huge

Crypt Room – V Rising Castle Rooms

Room Size – Tiny / Huge!

  • Only thing in here needed are Servant Coffins – Smallish sleeping spots for your thralls.
  • How ever many servants you want, youll need that many coffins, so entirely up to you on size here.

Garden “Room”

“Room” Size – Huge!

  • IF you want lots and lots of plants at your base, and you probably should have lots,
  • A nice central courtyard or many small around the castle would be great
  • Separate area for Trees perhaps, or use them as decoration with your benches around the garden – Huge
  • Make sure to have a Well for easy water if you arent near a lake/ river – Medium

Prison Room

Room Size – Small / Medium

  • Depending on how many prisoners you want, all up to you for size,
  • Each blood type on hand would be ideal. So about 6-8

Library Room – V Rising Castle Rooms

Room Size – Large!

  • Research bench – Until you have every paper research keep it in there, then as just decor – Tiny
  • Study – Fully unlock all scroll research then its just decor Huge!

Tailor Room

Room Size – Large / Huge

  • Tannery – However fast you want your animal hide to be converted – Small
  • Looms – Probably a few, 1-4 maybe based on how fast you want it. – Medium
  • Tailor Station – Used to make cloth apparel only one needed Huge!

Jewelry Room

WIP – Coming soon..

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