Vampire Survivors O’Sole Meeo Guide

Explore O'Sole Meeo's features, builds, and tips in Vampire Survivors! Unveil the details with our comprehensive guide for this playable character.

O’sole Meeo is one of the playable characters in Vampire Survivors. So what are the details about this character? Check out our Vampire Survivors O’Sole Meeo guide for its features, how to build it and tips.

This is the guide Cuthla it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Vampire Survivors O’Sole Meeo Guide

This guide will show you some observations and tips that will help O’Sole Meeo to play.

The Stats

Imelda woke with a start. She had got stuck in the Mad Forest when night fell. She was so tired from fighting to take back the Inlaid Library she must of fell asleep when she sat down to rest against a tree. She should be dead with all the undead that had been chasing her.
She looked around and saw dozens of undead all around her. All taken down and with flowers growing out of them. In a surreal way, it was pretty. And across from her was a large white wolf.

It raised it’s head when Imelda stirred. And Imelda smiled. “I know you. When I was a child. You got me home when I was lost in the woods.” The wolf nodded. “I guess I owe you two now.” The wolf seemed to shrug and wave a paw as if saying “Don’t worry about it.”
Imelda got up, the wolf getting up with her. As it turned to leave, Imelda raised her hand toward it. “Hey!” The wolf looked back at her. “Will I see you again?” The wolf shrugged again, as if saying “Maybe” before walking away, a trail of flowers growing behind it.
Imelda smiled as she took her Magic Wand out and started back to the walled encampment Antonio had gotten built as a base of operations. “I hope I do. Till next time.”

Another non humanoid character, O’Sole Meeo is a large white wolf. she joins the ranks of the other characters that gain +1 Amount every twenty levels till hitting sixty, where she’ll have +3 to Amount. like the other Amount characters, this makes O’Sole a very versatile character to take on a run. there’s only a few weapons the Amount she gets don’t help out with, Pentagram at the top of that list.
you would think as a wolf, O’Sole would have some Movement bonus. she don’t. and that don’t even hamper her at all. O’Sole feels like she has a more relaxed style of play. just trotting around going wherever she likes cause of…

The Weapon

I think, to some point, everyone likes flowers. they’re even a big seller around Valentine’s day. can’t go anywhere without being reminded to get some roses for that special someone. O’Sole likes flowers too. but she takes it up to eleven with Celestial Dusting. as O’Sole runs around or stands still, she leaves a path or patch of flowers behind or under her.

Now I’ve seen people joking about O’Sole farting out flowers. and I can understand why. but O’Sole’s a pretty serious character with a serious weapon. damage wise, Celestial Dusting isn’t a hard hitting weapon. at max level, eight, it’s doing 10 base damage. but what it gains in other areas make up for that low damage. as Celestial Dusting has the bonuses, +90% Speed, +1 to Amount, +1.0 seconds to Duration, at max level to be a great support and survival weapon. cause at level 8, Celestial Dusting also ‘has a chance’, I find that funny it was described that way, to generate a heart when a enemy is defeated. cause at 66% chance to generate a heart, it’s not ‘if’, it’s ‘when’. which will happen A LOT as the flowers stick around nicely smacking anything they hit or walks into them. even at 10 damage per hit, maxed out, Celestial Dusting is cranking out damage at a impressive rate, each flower lasting over a second taps anything trying to walk though it for around 30-40 damage. and given that when maxed out, O’Sole is firing off 5 flowers every 6 seconds, but only when standing still. that 6 seconds is Celestial Dusting’s only real drawback and easily fixable with Endless Tome and the Cooldown power-up as well as keeping O’Sole moving, bringing that standing still time down to around 3.5 seconds, much better to work with.

If you have found the Chaos Altemanna on the Tiny Bridge stage, O’Sole gains Profusione D’Amore when reaching level 80, like Mortaccio and Cavallo. like them, O’Sole gets a make over into a dancing sun being visible from the waist up, gaining +2 Armor, +1 Amount, and +100 Health like Cavello and Mortaccio if I remember correctly from my test runs.

Now I know the name given is Profusione D’Amore. but I prefer to call this Evolution something a little more accurate, as Celestial Dusting is now Ye Ole Celestial Carpet Bombing. as O’Sole runs around, the flowers still shoot out from behind her. but now when their Duration runs out, they explode in a wave of blue fire, turning the flowers into a potent A.O.E. as they’re still doing decent tic damage when things running into the flowers. but now adds in massive Area with the explosion. only Pentagram makes a better improvement when getting Evolved

Pros and Cons

Why O’Sole?

Like the other Amount characters, O’Sole is very versatile in a run. the sheer firepower she bring to a run will go far with most builds easily. and due to Celestial Dusting’s self healing it brings when leveled to max makes O’Sole the Tank’s Tank, grab Armor and Heart of Fire and go to town. or put together your favorite version of the Machine Gun build and not worry about enemies behind you cause Celestial Dusting has your back

Why not O’Sole?

Like the other Amount characters, O’Sole’s starting game is a little weak. and that’s further compounded by Celestial Dusting with it firing backwards, leaving O’Sole very vulnerable to attack from every other direction. and to really use Celestial Dusting, you have to keep her moving so Celestial Dusting has better Cooldown. it’s also a little awkward to use due to it firing backwards. the flowers do make nice traps for enemies to run into. but movement becomes vital to make sure flowers are anywhere enemies will be coming in from. O’Sole also isn’t the tank’s tank till Celestial Dusting is maxed out, making it very important to get Celestial Dusting leveled up as well as a second weapon

How to get

O’Sole can be unlocked by killing 3000 Dragon Shrimp. they show up on two stages mostly. Gallo Tower and The Bone Zone. the ones on Gallo Tower count toward this total, not the ones on The Bone Zone. after getting the 3000 kills, O’Sole can be unlocked for 500 gold before scaling

Tips and Builds


O’Sole has a surprising build useful weapon in Celestial Dusting. it scales nicely with Area, Cooldown, Duration, and Movement Speed. going by the stats, Axe/King Bible/Magic Wand/Shadow Pinion gives defense, penetration, solid leveling, and raw power on top of the self healing Celestial Dusting give. add in some armor and you have a potent tank with impressive damage, solid enemy clearing, and great self healing

Tank of Tanks build

  • Weapons: Axe, King Bible, Magic Wand, Runechaser, Shadow Pinion
  • Passives: Armor, Candlelabrador, Endless Tome, Spellbinder, Torrona’s Box, Wings

Tank of Tanks focuses on Celestial Dusting and the passives that back it up with the corresponding weapons, allowing for excellent enemy clearing, retaliation damage, and A.O.E. layering. which gets even better when O’Sole hits 80.

Ccuurrssee build

  • Weapons: Bone, Laurel
  • Passives: Attractorb, Candlelabrador, Crown, Endless Tome, Torrona’s Box, Wings, pick up both Metaglios and Rings
  • Arcanas: Silent Old Sanctuary, Twilight Requiem, Wicked Season

As the name suggests, this build focuses on Curse and lots of it. with two of the weapons affected by Twilight Requiem as well as the sheer Amount of weapons flying around at any given time, it is a little riskier to do, as O’Sole is pushing against her starting game limits. but when Celestial Dusting is maxed and the other weapons made ready to be Evolved, her suitability goes up drastically. and when getting to 80…. hehe let the fun begin

Written by Cuthla

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