Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order

Welcome to our Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order guide. Determining the optimal order and total number of coins needed to max all PowerUp Selections.

Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order

How does PowerUp Selection work?

You earn coins as you play. These coins can be used to unlock permanent PowerUps across all games. Each PowerUp you purchase increases the price of the next purchase by 10% of the base price. For example, buying Amount as your first purchase would cost 5000, but if you purchased a few upgrades in Might, Area, Recovery, etc and Amount is your 10th purchase, it would cost 9500. Since the PowerUps vary in the amount of upgrades you can purchase and price, this means that buying the same PowerUps in a different order could lead to a different total amount of coins spent.

Note that there is a Refund PowerUps button at the bottom, which resets everything – the 10% base price will be reset also. Feel free to purchase in whatever order at the beginning of the game, you can always start over.

When can I max everything?! – Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order

I have done some preliminary calculations and I believe the smallest total number of coins to max all PowerUps is 97,140.

What is the order to max everything?

If you have 97,140 coins or more, this order should theoretically allow you to max all PowerUps (I do not have that many yet but am confident in my calculations). Note that you fully max each PowerUp before moving on to the next one.

  • Amount
  • Growth
  • Cooldown
  • Luck
  • Armor
  • Might
  • Recovery
  • Greed
  • Area
  • Speed
  • Duration
  • MoveSpeed
  • Magnet
  • Max Health

What’s the best strategy before I can max everything?

The best strategy is to get a general idea of mow much you can purchase for the PowerUps you want, and go from most expensive total cost per PowerUp to least expensive. Note that while Growth total cost is higher than Amount, Amount should always be purchased first (feel free to experiment and see why). You shouldn’t follow the list above for maxing everything if you do not have the required number of coins, as you will miss out on cheaper purchases for the PowerUps at the end of the list.

I don’t really have advice on what PowerUps are good/bad for gameplay, you’ll have to find another guide for that.

Prices of all PowerUps – Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order

Vampire Survivors PowerUp Selection Order 1

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