Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide

Welcome to our Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide. Do you want to kill vampires like Van Helsing? With this guide you can easily beat the game. Vampires will fear you.

Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide

The reason I created this guide: You need to understand what skills are good.

Dont Die!

What is death? It’s a hard question but not in this case. You die when enemy come close enough to attack you.

Most weapons are innacurate and some enemies can always avoid their damage… but some weapons are accurate and always (usually always) hit enemies that are coming closer and closer to you.

Weapons below are your best friend. They protect you. Your live matters for them. They are your deffence.

Best weapons

  • Garlic – it knockback enemies and kill them very fast in early game. Garlic is the strongest unevolved 1st lvl weapon. Unfortunattly it become weaker with every minute. But you don’t need 6 late game weapons so you can pick it early if you want.
  • Magic Wand – it’s not the strongest early game weapon… and late game is not insane too… but it “fires at the nearest enemy”. It’s not much, but Magic Wand is the last line of deffence when other weapons will fail.
  • King Bible – “King” is a perfect word to describe that weapon. King Bible is the best, the most universal weapon in game. Fist levels of this skill are.. acceptable… but with more upgrades it becomes a monster. A monster that has one task – protects you.


  • Holy water – it’s a little random in early/mid game. It can help you a lot sometimes, but sometimes not. It becomes much better in late game when you stand still and Holy Water creates a circle around you. It works good with King Bible.

Prepare a Heavy Damage

Deffensive weapons are important but the are just helping you… not doing all the work. These weapons just don’t deal enough damage to kill all the enemies easily.

Now we will talk about some REAL weapons. Some of them can do insane amount of damage. Some of them are impressive. And some of them just do their work.

Best weapons

  • Axe – stable and good weapon. It deal pretty good amount of dmg to nearly all enemies on screen.
  • Cross – it’s just worse axe. Less damage, not dealing dmg too all enemies and his passive skill required to evolve (Clover) don’t seems to be much usefull.
  • Fire Wand – it fires projectiles in randomly direction piercing all enemies, not insane but it’s not bad

Runetracer – it deals regular damage to all enemies on screen. Very good in early and insane in late. This weapon can’t be evolved but it don’t need it (you only need 8 lvls to max it).
Runetracer do it’s job, it’s effective and can do insane amount of damage. Perfect weapon.


  • Knife – only fires in character’s face direction. Damage is ok, but area is not.
  • Lightning Ring – pretty nice damage but it’s strikes area is not the best (left and right edges of screen)


  • Birds – the most impressive skill in game. You will lose frames with these tiny birds killing all the vampires they reach. They deal very good amount of damage, but birds are surely far from perfect…

This weapon has the same problem as Holy Water while moving – it’s damage area is unstable. It use it’s all power for some area (not insanely big) to instant kill enemies and then randomly choose another area. Anyway it’s one of the most powerfull weapons and a little unstable damage area could be forgiven… But there is another HUGE problem with birds…

To fully evolve other weapons you need 9 levels (8 to max skill, 1 to passive)… for birds you need 24 levels! Addictionally it takes 2 weapon slots for 16 levels and it’s the worst early game weapon in game.
So it’s your choice – it’s high risk, but high reward.

Ghost is the hardest character in game by purpose and his starting weapon is Ebony Wings… i think it’s not a coincidence…

Wapons Balance is a Key! – Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide

The safest options to pick every run are King Bibble and Runetracer – they are just too good to not choose them. 4 weapons left… I reccomend pick 1 or 2 deffensive weapons and 2 or 3 offensive weapons.

Now you have pretty nice kit but there are 6 slots below weapons. I call them “passives”, because they don’t do anything on their own – they passively make weapons stronger. They are even more important that weapons themselves!

Weapons are Nothing Without Good Passives

First of all, you need passives to evolve weapons. Weapons without evolves are just bad in late game! Of cource except Runetracer – it’s perfect and don’t need evolve.
But evolution is not the only purpose of the passives.

Best passives

  • Spinach +50% damage – hmm… some leaf give you +50% damage to all weapons… just insane
  • Empty Tome 40% cooldown – casting skills neraly 2 times frequently = nearly 2 times more damage
  • Candelabrador +50% area – larger projectiles means more enemies hitted
  • Speelbinder +50% duration – damage dealer stays 50% longer = 50% more damage
  • Duplicator +2 amount – static damage boost especially good in early/mid game
  • Bracer +50% (projectiles) speed – most weapons don’t profit from this statistic but it works very good with some of them: King Bibble and Runetracer – our favourite weapons


It seems that there are no good alternatives, but if you can’t have best passives then pick:

  • Attractorb – less walking for exp orbs (+ Santa Water evolution)
  • Wings – faster walking for exp orbs

Avoid these! Vampires Want you to Pick them!

Of course you can try these weapons and passives but if you don’t want to lose your run dont pick all of them at once 🙂

Weapons you usually don’t want to pick

  • Pentagram – just worst – this weapon should be deleted.
  • Clock Lancet – why freeze enemies? You can just kill them! This weapon can be usefull if you want to survive longer than 30 minutes.
  • Lauren – it can be usefull when you have you’r head in the cluds and run on the enemy… or when you want to stay longer with Raper (as above)

Passives you usually don’t want to pick

  • Armor – idk how good is this, because idk what is monsters base damage but you can just don’t run on the enemies
  • Pummarola – full HP in 200 seconds – just find some food. You can try this to evolve Garlic – not much usefull but impressive.
  • Crown – don’t waste levels to upgrade getting faster levels. You have limited number of slots and time so this investment is not worth.
  • Hollow Heart – the best of the worst. It can save your life when your head is in the clouds. You can try this to evolve Whip – in my opinion not worth.

Some of these weapons and passives can help when you are careless but most of the time they are just useless. Just don’t be careless.

Ok but What Skills Combinations is Good? – Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide

Passives gives good statistics so you want to use 100% of their power. Below you can see weapons possible profits from the statistics (damage and area scales with everything).

  • Whip – scales with amount, cooldown
  • Magic Want – scales with speed, amount (unevolved with cooldown)
  • Knife – scales with speed, amount (unevolved with cooldown)
  • Axe – scales with speed, amount
  • Cross – scales with speed, amount
  • King Bible – scales with speed, amount (unevolved with cooldown and duration)
  • Fire Wand – scales with speed, cooldown, amount
  • Garlic – scales with cooldown
  • Birds – scales with speed, cooldown, duration, amount
  • Santa Water – scales with cooldown(?), duration, amount
  • Runetracer – scales with speed, cooldown, duration, amount

If you don’t Want to Think you can Use my Favourite Build!

This build can complete any map – I checked it. Order form best to worst.


  • Runetracer
  • King Bible
  • Axe
  • Magic Wand
  • Fire Wand
  • Garlic if you want easier early game but i recommend Lightning Ring, Santa Water or Cross for better late game


  • Spinach
  • Empty Tome
  • Bracer
  • Spellbinder
  • Candelabrador
  • Duplicator or some evolution passive

Pick a Good Character too – Vampire Survivors Van Helsing Guide

Before your run start you have to decide which character you want to play.
It’s simple – just choose best scaling character with weapons you want to play.

Below you can see strongest characters. Order from my personal best to worst.

  • Dommario – my favourite. Scales perfectly with Runetracer and King Bible but has reduced movement speed.
  • Arca – cooldown in late game is super usefull (every cooldown % is more and more worth)
  • Imelda – you get stronger faster
  • Mortaccio – more projectiles are always good with most of the weapons
  • Antonio – more damage. Nice but not insane.
  • Pasqualina – faster projectiles. Usefull but Dommario is much better (and slower :/ ).

REMEMBER you can beat any map even with the worst characters (but it can be much harder).

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