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Vampyr Endings Being an RPG where your choices matter and change the course of the game, […]

Vampyr Endings

Being an RPG where your choices matter and change the course of the game, Vampyr has a total of 4 endings. Of course, there are requirements tied to achieve each ending. These come in the form of choices you’ve made at each point in the game, whether it was something you opted out in gameplay or in cutscenes.

There are two variations of the good endings and two variations of the bad ending.

1- Jonathan and Elisabeth Travel The World

This is the best ending in the game. After talking to William Marhall, Jonathan convinces Elisabeth that together they can overcome the curse of vampirism. Two lovers set off into the world, travelling and trying to find a cure.

To get this ending, you can’t suck blood from any other citizen at any time during the game. Although, you can kill them when they, as a result of your decisions, e.g. turn into undead. We have reached this ending by:

  • Mesmerizing Dorothy Crane;
  • Giving blood to Sean Hampton;
  • Letting Aloysius Dawson die (by mesmerizing him);
  • Sparing McCullum;
  • Letting Edgar Swansea die;
  • Not drinking blood from any other citizen (the game doesn’t count drinking blood in combat, only when the victim was mesmerized)

2- Jonathan and Elisabeth Remain in The Castle

This is a good ending, in which Elisabeth and Jonathan decide to stay in the castle. Contrary to the previous ending, the two lovers decide to live far away from the civilization. They focus their attention on finding a medicine that will help cure Elisabeth from her blood curse.

To get this ending, you need to finish the game by killing no more than a few citizens. You must also not allow any district to collapse. Just a simple happy ending with a mildly bitter aftertaste.

3- Elisabeth Dies, Jonathan Struck By Grief

This is the first of the bad endings. Jonathan fails to save Elisabeth. At the last moment, the woman pushes him away and throws herself into the flames. The saddened man throws himself into a spiral of murder and melancholy.

This end awaits a player who has sucked a lot of blood, killed many citizens and sacrificed at least one district. During your game, you need to balance between making good choices (saving McCulluma) and sucking the blood of others.

4- Elisabeth Dies, Jonathan Becomes a Killer

This is the darkest ending in the game. Jonathan, in a dialogue with Elisabeth, accepts her death without even trying to save her. Later, the man sets out on a murderous killing spree, leaving destruction in his wake.

To get this ending, you must kill at every opportunity and cause the collapse of all districts. Be unethical at every opportunity by drinking the blood of others or by turning McCullum into a vampire.

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