vApe Escape – Walkthrough and Achievements

vApe Escape Walkthrough and guidance for obtaining 100% achievements.

vApe Escape is a short point and click adventure with a total of five achievements. Two of them are connected to different endings and the others are missable.

This guide will direct you through the entire game step by step. Therefore, it contains dramatical spoilers which are not marked.

vApe Escape Walkthrough

  • Inspect the crack and take Fatso’s cap.
  • Examine thingie (lever) and push it up.
  • Use the cap to trick wallsie (door).
  • Leave the room, interact with thingie again and pull it all the way down.
  • Go back to the new room and take box thingie (safe).
  • *Try to destroy the big hole (window) with box thingie.*

Darwin Award Winner!

Your survival instincts are not that good.

  • Open box thingie with Fatso’s hand.
  • Take a coin and put it in the smelly place (broken ape box).
  • *Go back to the security room and inspect the poster.*
  • *Take another coin, put it in the smelly place and examine the poster again.*

I Want to Believe!

Too much vape juice for you, player…

*Interact with the computer and pick:*

  • I am the captain, I’m just having a very bad hair day.
  • No, I am the captain, I’m just dressed as an ape.
  • I gotta go.
  • No, goodbye.

Use the cap to blind the camera and speak with the AI again. Pick:

  • It’s me, the captain!
  • *Sure am!*

Avid Reader!

You have indeed spent a lot of time conversing with the A.I.

Now, choose:

  • It’s me, the captain!
  • *No, I changed out of it when I sobered up.*
  • Nothing a bit of duct tape, and a few swipes with a damp rag can’t fix.
  • Yep, I’ve got him nice and supervised.
  • Hey, what do you say we change course on this rust bucket?
  • What would be a good reason?
  • You remember the ape that escaped before?
  • Well, so you remember how I told you that I had the ape situation under control?
  • Yeah. I kinda lied about that. The ape is still loose…
  • I think we have to let them take this ship…
  • Take us to Eden 7…

Eden Ending!

You found your ancestral home, yay!

Replay the game and pick “To the stars…” as last choice. You can skip all *marked actions*.

Pirate Ending!

You became a space pirate, ahoy!

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