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Wacky Wizards Level Rewards

Welcome to our Wacky Wizards Level Rewards guide. All the rewards of each level (gems, titles, active ingredients and potions), and how to get XP to level up fast.

Wacky Wizards Level Rewards

Full List – Wacky Wizards Level Rewards

These are the benefits or opens that you can get for reaching each character level in the video game. In all the levels that we have actually not consisted of in the list you will get gems, they constantly give you gems for leveling up

  • 3 Level: +1 Throw Potion and gems
  • 5 Level: Join Witches or Wizards and gems
  • 9 Level: Gun Ingredient and gems
  • 10 Level: Novice Title and gems
  • 14 Level: +1 Save Slot and gems
  • 15 Level: Apprentice Title and gems
  • 17 Level: +2 Throw Potions and gems
  • 20 Level: Initiate Title and gems
  • 22 Level: +2 Throw Potions and gems
  • 24 Level: +1 Save Slot and gems
  • 25 Level: Adept Title and gems
  • 26 Level: Cauldron Skin and gems
  • 28 Level: +2 Throw Potions and gems
  • 30 Level: Master Title and gems
  • 32 Level: +2 Throw Potions and gems
  • 34 Level: +1 Save Slot and gems
  • 35 Level: Grandmaster Title and gems
  • 37 Level: +2 Throw Potions and gems
  • 39 Level: +2 Save Slots and gems
  • 40 Level: Elder Title and gems
  • 45 Level: Legendary Title and gems
  • 50 Level: Wacky Title and gems

How to Level Up

There are four techniques of getting xp in the game, so the farming technique is quite simple.

  • Find new Ingredients
  • Make new Potions (repeat potions if you don’t have potions to unlock)
  • Complete Quests
  • Fight Bosses (every hour)

There may come a time when you don’t have any potions or ingredients to find, but you haven’t reached the max level yet. From then on, it’s best to focus on employer fights.

How to Check your Current Level?

Open the potions book and hit the level tab.

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