Warframe Ropalolyst How to Kill

Killing the Ropalolyst – Flydolon

1. Capacitors

Go to the capacitors.

2. Charging Capacitors

Hide behind the capacitors while Rapalolyst uses it’s beam attack.

3. Ropalolyst Shields

Use operator to shoot down it’s shields (like eidolons)^.

Note: This step can be done before steps 1 & 2.

4. Riding the Ropalolyst

Once shields are down, use bullet jump towards it.

When close enough, a prompt to ride the Ropalolyst will show.

5. Ramming the Capacitor

Now on the Ropalolyst, ram the charged capacitor.

6. Destroying Joints

After ramming capacitor, the Ropalolyst will return to the main platform.

Destroy its joints on it’s back,

then activate the terminal in the middle while it’s down.

7. Repeat

Repeats step 1-6 for the next Joint, and other capacitors.

8. Final Part

After destroying final capacitor, it’ll be vulnerable to attacks.

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