Warhammer Chaosbane – Elessa Eternity Protectress

Elessa Eternity Protectress Trap Build Guide Here’s a simple guide for a pet build on the […]

Elessa Eternity Protectress Trap Build Guide

Here’s a simple guide for a pet build on the Scout where you can do Chaos 5. There are issues with this build however with passives not working with traps, and traps not being able to damage objects (like pylons on bosses, or alters in the extra events).


  • Full Eternity Protectress Set
  • Dagger: Executors
  • Bow: Symbiosis
  • Neck: Amber Talisman (you can use whatever here to be honest. The only one that wouldn’t help is the counter attack damage one).
  • Rings: 2x Untamed Ring (You don’t have to use 2, but use at least 1. The damage from them doesn’t stack but having 2 increases the chance of the proc going off.)


  • Generator: Crippling Blade (Mastered) (You need to use this for killing pylons in boss fights and alters in relic hunts.)
  • Spender: Living Roots Mastered
  • Cooldown 1: Queens Wrath (Rank 3)
  • Cooldown 2: Defiler’s Reckoning (Rank 1)
  • Cooldown 3: Hungry Roots (Heroic – This is from the set)

For the 6th skill you could put Call of the Spirits or Spinning Blades. Call of the Spirits is more reliable, but has a ramp up time. Spinning Blade you can just weave in but you will likely only get one hit in on bosses. It’s good for packs though.

  • Passive 1: Follow Tracks (Mastered) ()
  • Passive 2: Ambush Specialist (Mastered) (This is currently bugged and does not give you the increased maximum of traps as of me writing this guide.)
  • Passive 3: Blessing of the Forrest (Mastered) (This is to give more health regen for our Executors. May not be in the final build when other passives are working with traps.)

Wild Brambles and Nature’s Herald are not working with traps right now. When this get’s fixed I will update the guide after testing them out.

Bless links are up to you. Until the passives are working correctly it’s hard to say what is the best route. My current god tree is not crit based, so if you follow it going for flat damage may be better than going for crit. You can also go for more health if you wanted to, as you will find yourself in melee range quite a bit.

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