Warhammer Vermintide 2 – Attack Speed

Attack Speed Faster attack speed means: 1. More damage per second to *all* enemies. 2. Less […]

Attack Speed

Faster attack speed means:

1. More damage per second to *all* enemies.
2. Less frames committed to a swing, making blocking more reactive.
3. Push + stab has less vulnerability frames.
4. Less frames spent charging a charge attack.
5. More stagger and cleave output.

Swift Slaying

1. Swift Slaying combined with attack speed equipment increases you to 30-35% bonus attack speed.
2. While Swift Slaying is active, it is easier to proc it again and keep it running.
3. Swift Slaying even applies to your ranged weapons.


1. Attack Speed increases your ranged weapon speed, too.
2. Faster attacks make you generate more purple meter over time.
3. If your weapon generates movement speed while swinging, you will move faster by attacking faster.
4. There is a cap of 50% attack speed. Speed potions are only used if you want to move fast or ranged spamming.
5. Attack Speed increases your push + stab speed.

Power vs Speed vs Resourceful

Power should be taken when:

1. You can reach a breakpoint within 10-20% power increase (easily accessed by charm stat)
2. You really hate a certain enemy.
3. You attack super fast already.
4. Using specific builds that don’t rely on attacking often.

Attack speed should be taken when:

1. Your weapon sits evenly between breakpoints, making it too much investment to reach the next one.
2. You don’t have any particular enemy that you want to kill.
3. You want to be strong against all enemies.
4. Your weapon has low cleave.

Resourceful Combatant should be taken when:

1. You *really* rely on your purple ability for survival.
2. Attacks do not increase the purple meter very much.
3. Your weapon has slow attack speed and the above are true.

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