Warhammer Vermintide 2 – Axe Quality

Axe Quality


1. An axe does 1775 damage per swing. This is 25 damage short of one-shotting everything below a raider. 10% power vs chaos will bring you to 1950, meaning you will one shot everything below a raider, and 2 shot raiders.

2. An axe does 925 damage per swing to armored enemies. With the 10% power vs chaos, this means that you will deal 1000 per swing. That is a max of 12 hits to kill a Chaos Warrior, with no charging necessary. Axe kills a storm vermin in a max of 5 hits, or 4 if you take 10% power vs skaven.

3. If you are conveniently playing a character with built-in power increases, your job is already done for you.

The axe is a monster when it comes to raw damage.


1. Despite being very strong, the axe has 3 shields. This is average and acceptable. It allows you a minimum of 3 pushes during your combos to keep you from being overwhelmed.

2. Has good dodge, being a 1h weapon.


Axe staggers enemies very easily. Even Chaos Warriors will be staggered on crits. Anything you focus on will likely suffer a soft stunlock.


This is the weakness of the axe. It has a low cleave of hitting only 1-3 enemies in a swing. However, if you overcome this weakness, you are left with a very powerful weapon.

1. Stack attack speed. Since you kill 80% of enemies in 1 hit, you should only care about how frequently you can swing.

2. Develop an infinite combo. Be evasive.

Special Features

1. A charge attack from an axe will destroy a shield.

2. A charge attack from an axe with 10% power increase will stagger a berserker.

3. With a Zealot, can achieve 30-45% power increase from talents. 2300-2600/1200-1350 damage per swing

4. With a Handmaiden, can achieve 15% power increase from talents. 2025/1050 damage per swing

5. With a Slayer, can achieve 30% power increase from talents. 2300/1200 damage per swing

6. Axes exist on 3 characters, making them more universal than other weapons.

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