Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy

Welcome to our Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy guide. Which DLC’s should buyThis question […]

Welcome to our Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy guide. Which DLC’s should buyThis question gets asked a lot, especially now where the game has been given out for free permanently if people downloaded it within the time frame of the giveaway. This guide is to help alleviate the swarm of thread posts that ask the question: “Which DLC’s should I buy?”

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the Warhammer Vermintide 2 game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our Warhammer Vermintide 2 guide.

Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy

I’m gonna make this guide as short and simple as possible, but will provide enough information about each DLC that should tell you what the DLC contains and what it can do for you and your experience in this game. I’m aware that one could just go to the store pages and get a brief summary than read these walls of text. However, what this guide does differently than the store pages is that it offers more depth about the career gameplay than what the descriptions give to the consumer.

They will be categorized separately in:


Winds of Magic

Maps and Weapons

Purchase Priority

While this game has a lot of cosmetics that can be purchased with money, I will not include those because they only serve as cosmetics and provide no advantage/disadvantage to your game. Whether or not you decide to purchase them and anything listed in this guide is completely up to you.

Also keep in mind that this is not acting as a tier list for DLCs. The only purpose is to inform and share my experiences on certain aspects of DLCs that might entice you to lean toward them, in case you have doubts on which DLCs you feel curious about.

There will also be very little to no tips on how to build your characters with the mentioned DLCs. There are already guides for that, should you look for those.

One last thing, the prices listed for the DLCs will be the base price, or “off-sale.” With all of that being said, let’s get into this.

Careers (1/2)

Grail Knight (Kruber) ($3.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
The first ever DLC career added to this game. Grail Knight is a melee-only career with a solid kit and a special quest system that rewards players in the run for performing certain tasks, ranging from killing specified enemies to picking up a book. Not only is he capable of being a powerful elite killer and a horde clearing machine, he can quickly dispose of monsters with his career ult, given that you’ve chosen the double stab talent which is unlocked at level 30. Again, he is a melee-only career, which means he struggles against ranged special enemies, so try to have a ranged character alive alongside him. A notable trait of this career, however, is the ability to block warpfire attacks with any shielded weapon. This is awfully handy when a warpfire thrower sneaks into a fight, since he can draw the aggro of the warpfire and block it completely while someone else can finish them off.

His quests are randomized in each run, as are the boons given to the players. This adds a nice touch of randomness without being overwhelming enough to be necessary in every run. There are only a few boons that can be rewarded, but they are really useful. They include but not limited to; career ult cooldown reduction, health regen, strength potions after each kill, etc.

Exclusive DLC weapons:

Bretonnian Longsword – a long sword with wide sweeps, immense stagger potential and a unique trait that allows you to block while charging a heavy attack.

Usable by: All careers

Bretonnian Sword and Shield: – amazing for hordes, has a shield bashing attack that staggers enemies which allow for insane temp health generation. can be used to block warpfire attacks.

Usable by: Grail Knight

Should you buy?

If you’re a player who enjoys melee combat more than anything, while being able to dish out a ton of burst damage with a push of a button, Grail Knight is a fine choice. Despite being restricted to melee weapons only, Grail Knight has a good arsenal of weapons to choose from, and is one of the most efficient careers to get the job done.

Outcast Engineer (Bardin) ($3.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
Outcast Engineer lets Bardin’s little package do some big damage. His kit allows for some major versatility with gameplay style. The signature Coghammer is great for both hordes and elites, the Masterwork Pistol can quickly dispose of specials and elites that aren’t chaos warriors, and he’s the only career in the game that can carry more than one bomb, up to three bombs. But what makes this career oh so special and insanely fun to use is his Minigun I did not make a typo, and what you’ve just read is correct, he has a freaking minigun that he can whip out and recharge on his own accord. It’s perfect for horde clearing, but there’s a talent that allows it to convert it into an elite killer while taking away it’s horde clearing abilities. Ultimately, you can’t go wrong with either choice, it depends on how you wish to play him… just try to be careful with the friendly fire please.

Exclusive DLC Weapons:

Coghammer – an amazing weapon that can do it all. has wide sweeps for crowd control, and a heavy attack that can knock an elite down on their asses in one to three swings.

Usable by: – All careers

Masterwork Pistol – Bardin’s first and only semi-auto handgun in the game, has amazing special and elite killing potential. Shots have a second-long wind up time per bullet, however you can hold right click to unload the entire mag much quicker at the cost of accuracy.

Usable by: All careers except Slayer

Should you buy?

This career is awfully fun and effective in any scenario. Kills elites easily and effectively with his Coghammer, can snipe specials or unwanted enemies with the Masterwork with just a shot or two, cleans up hordes with pure ease and unloads a ton of damage to monsters with the minigun alone. While his melee game is fairly average because he has no AoE knockback factor as a crutch, he shines the most when at a distance because of his minigun. With that being said, this makes me believe this career could help you practice your positioning, since it matters a lot with Outcast because of his vulnerability while using the minigun. This is something you’ll adapt to overtime, without a doubt.

Careers (2/2)

Sister of the Thorn (Kerillian) ($3.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"

This career is absolutely scary as she can literally control the flow of battle with her unique kit. She has the ability to lift any enemy that aren’t monsters and disable them for a period of time, making any patrol an absolute joke. She can also put up walls that block enemies from reaching you and the team, very useful for horde fights where the enemies have multiple paths to come at you from. Not only that, but she has a passive that boosts team healing by 25%, gains temporary health from her teammates’ attacks when their health is full (being one of the best THP generators in the game), and applies a debuff to any and all enemies she hits with a melee attack, causing them to take more damage, stacked with a poison that does DOT.

While she doesn’t come with exclusive melee weapons, she comes with two secondary ranged weapons that are absolutely amazing in their own ways. Sister of the Thorn can be built to be a support, pure DPS, or a hybrid. She also has a free ult cast that has a cooldown of 60 seconds, but can be shortened with a specific talent. Sister is the most versatile career that Kerillian has, as there’s a lot you can do with her.

Exclusive Weapons:

Deepwood Staff – this basically gives you the powers of a Jedi and allows you to lift any enemies, even chaos warriors, with the exception of monsters. The primary fire is a burst attack that have an infinite range and no damage drop off. It’s insanely accurate and it makes landing headshots on floating enemies super easy.

Usable by: Sister of the Thorn

Briar Javelin – these make QUICK WORK of elites, specials and… well, just about anything. They also have infinite ammo, long as you have the safety of holding reload to generate more of them. While they are a ranged secondary, they can be used as a melee weapon as well. Please watch out for your teammates when using these. On higher difficulties, this does a decent bit of friendly fire damage, so be courteous and try not to throw them at targets your team is already pursuing.

Usable by: All careers

Should you buy?

Having a Sister of the Thorn on the team who knows what they’re doing is insanely valuable. Her extra healing buff for the entire team is huge, and the debuffs she can apply to any enemy through melee attacks alone give a pure edge. Part of what’s amazing about this career is that it brings two superb secondary weapons, with one of them being shared by all of her careers. You wouldn’t be a bad guy for using the Briar Javelin with Sister, considering any elite and special would be caught dead in your tracks in just a single throw or two… or more if it’s a Chaos Warrior. While the javelin is tempting to use because of its effectiveness at disposing enemies, the Deepwood Staff is what makes this career truly unique over Kerillian’s other counterparts. Lifting elites and specials during intense fights makes the fight so much easier for everyone, making your team appreciate you more… even when they don’t always say anything. Plus, with everyone generating THP for you, you can easily recharge your staff with little to no cost, since you’ll be losing that temporary health anyway. You’re more than just a plain support with this career. You’re a storm that is approaching, should you choose to take up the opportunity to be the Sister of the Thorn.

Warrior Priest of Sigmar (Saltzpyre) ($3.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"

Another melee-only based career for our favorite zealot, Saltzpyre. This man doesn’t come with only two exclusive weapons like the other careers, but six different melee weapons. A Warrior Priest is often welcomed by any team that isn’t melee-only majority because of the amount of crowd control and healing support he has to offer. He has a special “fury” mechanic where if he’s done enough damage in a given period of time, his weapons will start to glow and smite enemies for extra damage. This damage can be set to heal your team with permanent green health with a required talent, making this the only career in the game that can heal the team in such a way. Also, remember how annoying durable Chaos Warriors can be? Turns out that Warrior Priest does extra damage to them, letting you humble those ignorant armor wearing bastards with ease. It’s also worth mentioning that he has complete immunity to curse damage, which means that no matter what the circumstances are, his maximum health will stay that way.

His career ult provides himself or a team member with a shield bubble, granting complete immunity to all damage for the period of time until it’s active, then explodes with a ring that does AOE damage all around you. Can be customized in other ways to provide more utility.

Exclusive Weapons:

Paired Skull-Splitters – essentially they’re dual hammers for Saltzpyre; amazing crowd control with wide sweeps.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter and Tome – has a fairly fast attack speed, sweeps and has a weapon special attack where you can empower your next heavy attack on the fly, turning the swing into a lunge that dashes forward, or a harder hitting overhead.

Usable by: Warrior Priest

Flail and Shield – ignores shields and has heavy attacks that focus on crowd control with wide sweeps, also has a shield to protect from enemy machinegunners and/or beastmen arrows.

Usable by: Warrior Priest

Reckoner Great Hammer – heavy attacks focus more on crowd control, not effective against elites. Light attacks are single target based, effective against elites and decent monster damage.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter Hammer – basically like Paired Skull Splitters, except it’s just one hammer.

Usable by: Warrior Priest, Zealot

Skull Splitter Hammer and Shield – has wide sweeping light attacks, and heavy attacks that alternate. Also has a shield to block projectiles.

Usable by: Warrior Priest

Should you buy?

Like the Grail Knight, Warrior Priest is also a melee-only career, while also being very effective at it no matter what weapon you desire to choose. Unlike the Grail Knight, though, this guy serves more as a support warrior than a pure DPS. His horde clearing ability is no joke, and his efforts of killing elites is nothing to laugh at either. All of that is quite satisfying, but giving an ally a shield of protection when they’re about to be surrounded by enemies is pure bliss. You can easily turn the tide of the fight if you time this properly, since they’ll take no damage, thus prolonging their chances of survival and alleviating any fear they had during the fight while the shield is active. He has fun weapons, he’s a perfect teammate to carry grims because of his 100% curse resistance, and he’s the only career in the entire game who can revive an ally from a distance. If you enjoy being a support but want to have fun killing as well, Warrior Priest would be a great choice to add to your roster.

Sienna – Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy

As of the making of this guide, Sienna’s DLC career has yet to be released. Refer to the pinned thread topic on the forums for the information you need regarding her career.

Winds of Magic

I was going to merge this with the other DLCs, but I felt it was too long and needed its own section because Winds of Magic is the biggest non-career DLC. Not for the sake of new maps, but because of the weapon and mechanic additions as well.

It is also important to note that only the host needs the DLC for everyone to play the map, but those who do not own the DLC will not get the exclusive weapons that Winds of Magic has to offer.

Winds of Magic ($19.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
This comes with a single map and unlocks Beastmen, a third enemy type that can be randomly generated in even some of the base game story missions. Once you purchase this DLC, there is no way of disabling Beastmen from spawning, unless there’s a workshop mod for it that can only be accessible in the Modded Realms.

This challenging single map more or less serves as an introductory to the Beastmen in Vermintide 2. Upon completing it, you will be rewarded with a new weapon as the character you’ve finished it with, so it’s worth it to beat it at least once with each character. Difficulty does not matter in this case.


Tuskgor Spear (Kruber) – alternates between poking and an occasional sweep. Has good stagger and versatility.

Usable by: Mercenary, Hunstman

Throwing Axes (Bardin) – infinite ammo throwing axes that make quick work of specials and elites, and does decent burst damage against monsters. They don’t have a melee attack, but they can be thrown quickly with a shorter range, or aimed for a longer range. Also the only ranged weapon that Slayer has. Much like the briar javelins, please be careful when using these around teammates. These can hurt a lot on higher difficulties.

Usable by: Ranger Veteran, Slayer

Billhook (Saltzpyre) – alternates between poking and wide sweeps, also has a special attack that staggers anything it latches onto, besides monsters.

Usable by: All careers except Warrior Priest

Spear and Shield (Kerillian) – alternates between poking and wide sweeps, also has a shield to block enemy projectiles. This weapon is a popular pick for Handmaiden.

Usable by: Handmaiden

Flaiming Flail (Sienna) – this can do it all. crowd control, fast elite killer, decent monster damage, ignores shields like they’re nothing… it has no limits.

Usable by: All careers (so far)

New Game Mechanics

There’s a new mode, difficulty and enemy species that becomes unlocked after purchasing Winds of Magic. The new gamemode is called Weaves… and to be honest, I know very little about it. Just know that this mode was a huge disappointment to the player base and is not often played. I wouldn’t recommend buying this DLC if you just want it for Weaves.

The new difficulty is called “Cataclysm,” which is basically Legend but way harder. This mode is often played by players who feel like Legend isn’t challenging enough anymore. It has its own meta, and books are often ignored. The end reward is the same after being a map on Legend, which is a weapon vault. So if you need a serious challenge, play this difficulty.

Lastly, a new enemy species is added to the game: Beastmen. These enemies have a random chance to spawn in your base game missions as well as your Chaos Waste runs. As the beginning of the section says, once you purchase Winds of Magic, there will be no way to disable Beastmen without the use of mods. Read below if you wish to know what to expect from Beastmen and how to fight them.

Notable Beastmen Enemies:

Archers – the literal bane of everyone’s existence… these enemies are really annoying to deal with, especially on legend or higher. They tend to spawn in groups and will stay a certain distance from the player(s) until you get close. In that case, they will bring out a spear to fight you with. They go down quick, but they’re still a nuisance.

Beastigor – they’re a somewhat alternative to Rotbloods, except they have a light armor protection. When they see you, they’ll start charging toward you to ram you, which is often easy to avoid. Just dodge to the side, timing doesn’t have to be strict. Not too bad of an enemy, in fact they’re fun to kill.

Minotaur – a Beastmen type monster that has a chance to spawn over the other monsters if Beastmen are in the area. Has a charge and light combo string when up close. They’re not too terrible, but you still have to be quite careful when fighting one.

Should you buy?

As you can tell, Winds of Magic has a lot to offer in regards of game content when compared to the other DLC packs. I’d only purchase this for the weapons and when it’s on sale, but if you got money to burn then feel free to nab it whenever you want.

Maps and Weapons – Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy

Aside from Winds of Magic, one map pack offers maps AND weapons for your characters, while the other simply adds a few extra maps and nothing else. Then there’s a pack that’s purely weapons alone.

This isn’t going to be as lengthy as the Career section, as I’m not the best at describing what the maps are like. If you’d like to see for yourself, there are tons of videos on Youtube. I’m not trying to be harsh here, just trying to save myself the headache since I don’t play the maps a lot or enough to memorize them.

It is also important to note that only the host needs the DLC for everyone to play the maps, but those who do not own the DLC will not get the exclusive weapons the map packs have to offer.

Back to Ubersreik ($9.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
This map pack offers three new maps to play, alongside new weapons and weapon illusions/cosmetics. The maps are remastered versions from the previous Vermintide: End Times game, so if you’ve played that then this may be an enjoyable purchase for you. Still, I like to believe that people mostly buy this map pack for the weapons that come with it.

Maps featured are: The Horn of Magnus, Garden of Morr, and Engines of War.


Mace and Sword (Kruber) – constant wide sweeps all around, making them great for crowd control and they’re decent elite killers. A popular weapon choice for most Krubers.

Usable by: All careers

Dual Hammers (Bardin) – amazing crowd control, constant fast wide sweeps, great stagger, decent elite killing.

Usable by: All careers

Elven Axe (Kerillian) – sweep attacks, good for elites and shield breaking. Still, not often used because of how it gets outclassed by the rest of her arsenal. Still, I recommend focusing on what’s more fun to use, even if it goes against the meta.

Usable by: All careers

Axe and Falchion (Saltzpyre) – much like the Mace and Sword, has great crowd control and good armor piercing for elite killing. A solid choice for any Saltz main that isn’t Warrior Priest.

Usable by: All careers except Warrior Priest

Crowbill (Sienna) – alternates between sweeps and vertical strikes, heavy attacks are more sweep based. I don’t see it often used, but I don’t think it’s a bad weapon either. Again, focus more on whatever you find fun to use rather what the meta says.

Shadows over Bogenhafen ($9.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
I don’t have a lot to say about this map pack because it doesn’t offer a whole lot of benefit for the player, in my opinion. This just adds two new maps and extra cosmetics for characters/weapons/player frames. I don’t play the maps often enough to care about them. Only buy if you want a few more levels to play and want some extra cosmetics. In fact, I only bought this because I confused it for the “Back to Ubersreik” map pack.

This isn’t a DLC tier list. I’m not trying to bash this map pack, but rather I’m just being honest about what the DLC has to offer and how it benefit me as a player.

Maps included are: The Pit, The Blightreaper

Forgotten Relics Weapon Pack ($5.99)

"Which DLC's should I buy?"
This doesn’t offer any extra maps, but it does offer an extra weapon for each career, new paintings and a new portrait frame. While this may sound underwhelming, having access to more of the arsenal is always worth it in a game like this. In fact, these weapons are used fairly often. I considered this to be a worthy purchase, and I bought it off sale.


Spear and Shield (Kruber) – alternates between sweeps and pokes, great for crowd control and has a shield to block projectiles. Also has a special attack to attack while blocking. Quite easy to use and can be implemented in most builds.

Usable by: All careers except Grail Knight

Trollhammer Torpedo (Bardin) – a literal cannon on the go. Carries up to 7 rounds, or 11 if you’re Outcast Engineer. Can block attacks, normally has 3 stamina shields. Easily erases any elites and specials that cross your path. Did you trigger a patrol? Whip this out and they’re done. Amazing monster damage.

Usable by: Ironbreaker, Outcast Engineer

Griffon Foot Pistols (Saltzpyre) – pocket shotguns that have a wide spread, amazing crowd control and wipes out elites/specials with pure ease.

Usable by: All careers except Warrior Priest

Moonfire Bow (Kerillian) – a bow with infinite ammo, has a charge meter like Sienna’s staves except you can’t speed up the recharge process by any means. Kills most elites and all specials really easily, does DOT, plus infinite ammo is always good.

Usable by: All careers

Coruscation Staff (Sienna) – a staff with a fair bit of versatility. It shoots like a shotgun blast, and the right clicks spawn fire walls that last a good few seconds, doing constant damage to anything that stands in it. The DOT is seriously killer, and the shotgun blasts kill most elites in one shot when close enough, same with specials, and the fire walls can be spammed for easy and effective crowd control. Absolute monster of a weapon.

Purchase Priority – Warhammer Vermintide 2 Which DLC should Buy

Assuming you’ve read everything above, and God bless your heart if you have, there’s one more thing to consider before purchasing any DLC.

How do I know which DLCs should be prioritized over others?

The truth is, only you know the answer to this question. Everyone has a certain playstyle, including you.
Are you a host who wants more level content to play?

The map packs can give you just that, and extra weapons/cosmetics on top of it all. And if you have friends who wants to play these levels but can’t because they don’t own the DLCs, you can host it for them and they’ll be able to enjoy the levels no problem.

Do you enjoy the character(s) you’re playing as but are getting tired of their base careers?

The career DLCs would fix that, giving you more gameplay variety and play style customization. Not to mention the weapons they bring along can be brought onto the other careers, depending on what they are.

Do you want a bit more weapon variety?

Any of the DLCs that offer extra weapons would mitigate this problem. Having access to a bigger arsenal of weapons in this game is huge, extending your replayability and opening up more build opportunities for you to experiment with!

As you start playing more and more, you’ll eventually figure out what it is that you want. To be frank, you can never go wrong with any purchase that adds content to the game, but there are some DLCs that are best bought when on sale, most notably Winds of Magic. Still, it’s your money so spend it as you wish!

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