Where to Find Vahram in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

Detailed information on locating and obtaining Verham is showcased in our guide, offering step-by-step guidance.

This guide has been prepared to show you detailed information on where and how to find verham.

Where to find Vahram?

Welcome to our comprehensive guide for Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, where we’ll help you locate the elusive Vahram and uncover hidden treasures along the way. Follow our step-by-step instructions to ensure you don’t miss out on Vahram’s assistance and valuable loot.

1. Finding Vahram in the Statue Area:

  • Return to the large statue area and look for a pathway to the left below the Manticore boss path.
  • Use Rush of the Simurgh dash to clear the spike pit, progressing in the main quest.
  • Cross temporary platforms, roadblocks, and use dash to head left.

2. Sand Spirited Jars and Lore Collectibles:

  • Drop down at the next pit, dash left to find a platform with a Sand Spirited Jar.
  • Cross small gaps to discover lore collectibles like Missive 1 and Prophecy of Mount Qaf.

3. Homa Statue and Fast Travel:

  • Rebuild a ruined statue to create a Homa Statue for fast travel.
  • Look for lore items like Artisan Tools – Carpet Weavers and a Wak-Wak Tree to save at.

4. Rukhsana’s Gift and Hidden Breakable Wall:

  • Before climbing upwards, find a thin wooden platform near the lore item to drop down.
  • Slide dash to the right into a small alcove with a chest containing Rukhsana’s Gift.
  • Discover a hidden breakable wall leading to a challenge room for a Xerxes Coin.

5. Lever, Shortcuts, and Additional Lore:

  • Keep climbing down, find a lever opening a floor grate for shortcuts.
  • Explore a room with lore collectibles like Artisan Tools – Carpet Weavers.
  • Backtrack using the shortcuts for additional chests and Time Crystals.

6. Returning to The Haven with New Abilities:

  • Utilize the new fash ability to access previously unreachable chests.
  • Retrieve the Radiant Skin cosmetic outfit for Sargon.
  • Head east to collect 200 Time Crystals from a chest.

7. Battling Anahita’s Guards and Vahram’s Assistance:

  • Encounter Anahita’s guards who will ambush you; use Charged Attacks and Athra Surge.
  • Vahram will join the battle; let him assist you and receive the Blade Dancer amulet.
  • Follow Vahram’s orders to head west, ensuring you’ve collected all desired items.

8. Progressing and Fast Travel:

  • Continue progressing westward, but make sure to collect desired items in Lower City first.
  • Doors will close behind you, forcing progression before finding a fast travel point to return to The Haven.

Now armed with this guide, you’ll smoothly navigate Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown, discovering Vahram’s assistance and collecting all the hidden treasures the game has to offer. Enjoy your adventure!

Sacred Archives

Embark on a thrilling journey through the enigmatic Sacred Archives in our comprehensive guide for the game. Discover hidden lore, tackle tricky puzzles, and face the formidable Jailer as you navigate this eerie realm. Let’s delve into the Sacred Archives and ensure you emerge victorious.

New Items To Collect
TreasuresXerxes CoinsSand JarsCollectibles
+5 (5 of 11)0 (0 of 6)+1 (1 of 4)+1 (1 of 11)
AmuletsSoma Tree PetalsDamascus IngotsKey Items and Abilities
The Dragon King
Will of Rostam
+1+1Shahbaz’ Spirit
Prince of Persia The Lost Crown Sacred Archives

1. Entering the Sacred Archives:

  • Pass the large entryway from the Lower City to enter the Sacred Archives.
  • Explore tablets with lore and be cautious of the Mad Alchemist who warns of an impending threat.

2. Mastering the Shifting Stairs:

  • Navigate a series of stairs that shift direction based on your gaze.
  • Utilize mid-air dash to swiftly move on or off the stairs before they rearrange.

3. Wak-Wak Tree and Lore Notes:

  • Reach the top to find a Wak-Wak Tree and meet Karim, a spirit with valuable information.
  • Uncover lore notes about the mysterious Jailer haunting the Sacred Archives.

4. Hidden Breakable Wall and Alchemists’ Puzzle:

  • Discover a Hidden Breakable Wall to access a room with Time Crystal chunks.
  • Encounter Mad Alchemists and solve a puzzle involving a metal platform to reveal a Soma Tree Petal.

5. The Moon Gatherer Side Quest:

  • Descend the moving stairway to a lower path and start The Moon Gatherer Side Quest.
  • Help a man searching for stolen moon pieces and receive the Dragon King Amulet as a reward.

6. Facing New Enemies and Reckless Attack:

  • Encounter hostile Mad Alchemists with unpredictable behavior.
  • Confront a new enemy wielding a large club, utilizing strategic tactics to defeat him.

7. Exploring Lower Levels and Eye Doors:

  • Explore lower levels, encountering a new enemy type with unique attacks.
  • Investigate the second Eye Door and find lore books along the way.

8. Homa Statues, Wak-Wak Trees, and Teleportation:

  • Find Homa Statues for fast travel and Wak-Wak Trees for saving progress.
  • Use the upper room’s Homa Statue to teleport out of the Sacred Archives when needed.

9. Confronting the Blind Jailer:

  • Navigate back to the lower room and come face to face with the Jailer.
  • Learn about the Jailer’s unique abilities and the consequences of being caught in his aura.

As you traverse the Sacred Archives, heed our guide to overcome challenges, solve puzzles, and emerge victorious in the face of the formidable Jailer. Uncover the mysteries within and enjoy the immersive experience of this captivating game.

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