Wild Hearts Meeting Mujina & Fighting the Kemono

Wild Hearts is a new game from Koei Tecmo in the monster hunting genre. The game introduces players to its world by dropping them into it and providing a brief tutorial on movement. In this guide you will meeting Mujina and fighting Kemono!

Wild Hearts Meeting Mujina & Fighting the Kemono

Welcome to our Wild Hearts Meeting Mujina & Fighting the Kemono guide. This tutorial also teaches players karakuri arts, combat, and how to deal with small kemonos.

We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the WILD HEARTS game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our WILD HEARTS guide.

Meeting Mujina

Wild Hearts Meeting Mujina
Wild Hearts Meeting Mujina

After completing the tutorial, players are given a chance to relax and camp. If players follow the tutorial again, they’ll discover a small cube near a defeated hunter’s armor. If they return to their campfire, they’ll meet a mysterious musician named Mujina who offers character customization.

Fighting White Wolf Kemono

Wild Hearts Fighting the Kemono
Wild Hearts Fighting the Kemono

While conversing with Mujina, players will be interrupted by a sudden outpouring of ice from a nearby cave entrance, followed by an attack from three small white wolf kemonos.

This serves as a combat tutorial, where players must fight off the kemonos using the katana as their only weapon. Once the kemonos are defeated, players must enter a small crevice leading to the domain of the White Wolf.

There will be a cutscene after meeting the White Wolf, which will serve as a tutorial for moving around in battle. It’s not necessary to win the fight, as it’s impossible to do so. After about a minute of fighting, there will be a cutscene where the player’s hunter will be defeated, and Mujina will come to their aid.


Wild Hearts is about the journey of a hunter who must navigate a fantasy world filled with dangerous creatures known as kemonos.

The game begins with a short tutorial on movement and combat that teaches players how to use their weapons, dodge and dodge attacks. As players progress, they will encounter a variety of chemo, each with unique abilities and weaknesses. Players need to learn to use different weapons and strategies to successfully hunt these creatures, making every hunt an exciting and challenging experience.

The game also features a character customization system where players can customize the look of their hunter and choose from a variety of abilities and skills to aid them in their hunt.

One of the unique features of Wild Hearts is the karakuri art system. Karakuri arts are special abilities that hunters can use to gain an advantage in battle. These abilities range from healing to trapping and even summoning a companion to assist the player.

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