Wild Hearts Natsume’s Workbench

In this guide you will find information about Natsume’s workbench in Wild Hearts! We know that […]

In this guide you will find information about Natsume’s workbench in Wild Hearts! We know that there are people who have a hard time finishing the WILD HEARTS game. If you are one of those who find it difficult to finish the game, let’s take you to our WILD HEARTS guide.

Wild Hearts Natsume’s Workbench

Welcome to our Wild Hearts Natsume’s Workbench guide. In this guide you will find information about Natsume’s workbench!

Natsume’s Workbench

Natsume's Workbench
Natsume’s Workbench

Go talk to a wounded girl named Natsume, who is from the town of Minato. A cutscene will then play, explaining why she is injured and how the bridge connecting your current location to Minato has been destroyed by a previous tremor. Natsume informs you that she is not alone and that she was traveling with a man named Ujishige.

She fears he may be in danger and asks for your help in finding him, which leads to an encounter with a Kemono called the Sapscourge.

Natsume advises you to return to camp and prepare for battle, suggesting that you upgrade your weapons and armor. However, before you can do that, you must first create a workbench for Natsume. To unlock the workbench, you need to access the menu by pressing the touchpad on the controller and then select the karakuri tab. Once the workbench dragon karakuri is unlocked, building it is similar to constructing the tent and campfire.

Speak with Natsume to access new weapons and armor upgrades, but be mindful that you have limited corestone to use, so be selective about what you craft first.

You can test your new weapon on a wooden bear outside the camp to familiarize yourself with its mechanics before heading into battle. Once you feel prepared, talk to Natsume to begin the quest.

When you reach the fields, a tutorial will appear about the hunting tower. Like the workbench for Natsume, you can unlock the hunting tower by selecting it in the karakuri tab and placing it. The hunting tower will help detect kemonos that are nearby, as well as the specific target kemono, which will be marked in gold on your indicators. Once the tower identifies the target, you can use your hunter vision to track it down, even through walls.

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