Winter Memories – Yui Events

Discover Yui's event in Winter Memories with our guide, providing you with all the details and information for an immersive experience.

If you need all the details and information about Yui’s event in Winter Memories, check out our guide.

All Yui Main Events Guide

Details about All Yui Main Events are in this guide!

1st Event

  • Affection 20+
  • Have conversation with her

You can fulfill both conditions at once, speaking to her gives +5 affection points.
When you fulfil the quotas, The event will begin in the afternoon.

2nd Event

  • Affection 40
  • Do math drills

Its necessary to level up these and have an easy conversation and will increase the chance of gaining 100 mood.

All Yui Main Events Guide

also recommending to have this one too

All Yui Main Events Guide

In my opinion, its not hard to complete these. if you want to finish both within a day, these skills are head start.

3rd Event

  • Affection 60+
  • Lewdness 30+
  • Do math drills in the afternoon once the above conditions have been met.
All Yui Main Events Guide

4th Event

  • Affection 80
  • in the 1st January or later
  • Do the calligraphy mini-game in the Afternoon

When the event is over, move on to the
next day to access the next part

5th Event

  • Affection 80
  • Perversion 50+
  • Once the conditions have been met, You must sleep with Yui to launch the EV.
All Yui Main Events Guide


  • The Miyuki “ENDING” is unlocked. you can skip it to final or wait till the end.
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