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Witch Trainer Silver Walkthrough

Here is a full guide on how to get through the Witch Trainer Silver game. this […]

Here is a full guide on how to get through the Witch Trainer Silver game. this walkthrough covers of the content (and lets people know where the developed content ends). Witch Trainer Silver Walkthrough and Achievements %100 in this guide.

Witch Trainer Silver Walkthrough

Battle with Snape: (Optional, can be skipped)

1) By searching the cubboard every day you should find 2 potions which you can use to heal yourself during combat.
2) When Snape has his wand raised he is defending and your next attack will be blocked so use defense to block his next attack in case it is a fast one.
3) When Snape makes a pentagram appear on the floor his next move will be to summon a demon so make sure to use defense.
4) When there is no pentagram on the floor and Snape’s wand is lowered you should attack.

Training Hermione

  • *Keep hanging out with Snape every night until Hermione comes to you willing to sell favors.
  • *Offering to tutor Hermione will result in you getting some nice custom scenes that don’t cost any points as her level increases.
  • *Continue hanging out with Snape every night you can (also continue to search the cubboard every day because you will find Wine in it which causes Snape to bond with you faster) and the closer you become with Snape (up to a maximum of 100 friendship) the faster Slytherin will get points which means the more willing Hermione will be to sell favors.
  • *You must read the fictional books sold in the Weasley Store (After a few days you will find a Map in the cubboard which can be used by clicking on your desk. (Pro tip: make sure the animation box on the map is UNchecked.) Select the Weasley Store icon.) to gain ideas for new favors but before reading the fictional books you will have a much better time if you prioritize reading the speed reading books and then the speed writing books first. This way you can read the remaining books faster and save many days as well as do work faster and make much more money to pay for them/everything else.
  • *The waifu book has 4 possible endings, one by picking option 1 6x option 2 7x and option 3 7x, and one for only picking options 1, 2, and 3 20 times in a row each. You will know you have correctly unlocked all possible endings when it vanishes from your list of books and you receive a voucher which formerly unlocked the tiniest miniskirt in Hermione’s wardrobe but as that is currently available without getting the voucher I believe it now does nothing other than help you know you’ve finished the book.
  • *To increase her level you must pick an option and complete it without her getting angry with you. You can just save in advance and upset her as much as you want before playing it safe so don’t worry about pushing her too far just save before you make any important choices. When in doubt stick to the starred options.
  • *She has two endings based on if you have her do public favors or not. Get her personal favor level high enough and you will no longer be able to do public favors and if you get her public level high enough you will be locked into the public ending.
  • *During the “Dance for me” favor at one point Snape will knock and you will have the option to let him in or send him away and if you let him in it will make Hermione mad at you but later on you can summon Snape and talk to him and he will mention wanting to see it again. This will give you the option to invite him to watch her dance for future favors.
  • *Checking the map during the night will randomly have a chance of showing Hermione being on the edge of school grounds once her level is high enough. Click on her name to find a few outside scenes involving a new character.
  • *The last heart on her bj event will unlock if you have a high enough level and choose the “regular” option. If you don’t see that option your level isn’t high enough.


  • *A letter from the ministry will appear one day saying a curse has been used on school grounds. Talk to Snape and he will say the culprit needs to be found, talk to Hermione after that and ask her to help the investigation. She will bring in Astoria a few days later. Astoria will try to curse you and Tonks will show up a few days after that. Tonks will say it is alright to use curses if she can work at the school and trade favors. Summon Astoria and she will invite Susan and place a curse on her. Afterwards Astoria will want to learn new spells to curse Susan so talk to Snape and he will give you a spellbook. It takes 3 tries to learn each new spell and there are 3 total. After every curse is used on Susan Astoria needs to spend the day with Tonks before she can use the next curse.
  • *Once Astoria has used all the curses the wardrobe for Astoria and Susan will unlock.
  • *Content ends after the third spell with the favor that has Susan under the desk.


  • *She can alter 7 outfits to be sexier. Note that the outfit shop has both up and down arrows to scroll through all Hermione’s outfits as well as side to side arrows to view outfits for other characters.
  • *After all 3 spells are discovered if you keep calling her to your office (Giving her gifts might help with this) her outfit selection will randomly unlocked.


  • *Eventually Cho will show up in your office and you will end up training her in Quidditch. She will mention the announcer has been injured so you must select the talk option with Hermione and ask her to be the announcer and then talk with Cho to let her know Hermione agreed. When you start training her she will get upset and you will lose the ability to train her, she will ask to be trained again in a few days when she becomes desperate or by calling her and giving her a gift or two to calm her down.
  • *To progress just listen to what Cho says. For example she mentions the Hufflepuff seeker always trying to look up her skirt so before the matches with Hufflepuff make sure she is wearing the skirt.
  • *Content ends before the second practice match but for the game against Slytherin she mentions they like looking at and hitting butts so have her wear the shorts to win.


  • *After having sex for the third time with Hermione the sorting hat will offer to brainwash a student with a new personality. Talk to Hermione and she will mention that Luna never fit in at her house.
  • *Luna has 3 paths: Normal, Sub, and Dom. (You can only pick one but if you play with cheats then you can reset her.)
  • *Normal – don’t use the sorting hat on her. Pick any options you want, she loves them all. Some favors need to be repeated a few times to unlock the next one. Content ends with the scene in her bed.
  • *Sub – keep bullying her with the options, be aggressive with your advances, threaten to pull funding to her father, ect. Content ends when Hermione wipes her mind.
  • *Dom – be passive and let her do what she wants, apologize if she gets mad and give in if she threatens you. Content ends at threesome scene.
  • *If your are having trouble figuring out which options to select (It really isn’t that difficult to figure out) click the heart icon in the upper right to check statistics. Click Luna’s picture to show her sub/dom points. By checking this and saving before you do a favor with her you can see how your choices impacted her points. I can’t make it any simpler to understand than this.


  • *Checking the cupboard every day will give you a selection of useful items and gold.
  • *Working (shortcut key w) will allow you to write reports each week for a significant amount of gold. (having read the speed writing books drastically increases your earnings)
  • *Hermione can be sent out each day to work based on her level.
  • *By beating the Weasley Brothers in the second round of cards you will get a weekly allowance from their store which can be increased by beating Hermione in her second round of cards after purchasing the outfit from the card store and telling her to advertise and your weekly allowance will be increased 1% for every additional time you beat the Weasley Brothers (I’m not sure what the max % is).

Potions ingredients: (locations mentioned can be traveled to by locating them on the map on your desk and clicking on them)

*Knotgrass & Wormwood can be found by searching the Forrest.
*Root of Aconite & Niffler’s Fancy can be found by searching the Lake.
*The plant sample can be found by searching the Attic after you buy the forbidden scroll from the Weasley Store.
*Cat Hair can be found by searching the Gryffindor Dormitory.
*Luna’s Hair can be found by searching the Ravenclaw Dormitory.
*Polyjuice potion and Imperius potion can be bought from the Weasley Store.
*Finishing potions must be done in the Potions Room.
*The Milking potion is given by Snape once the “Potions” option is available. He also gives 2 additional potions which as far as I can tell currently do nothing.
*The Lamia scale required for the Lamia transformation potion is not currently in the game so this potion can’t be made, but I suspect it will be in the chamber of secrets or Slytherin Dormitory.
*The clone potion is obtained by beating Snape in the second round (not the second game) of cards and has no use in the current game.
*The options you get after using a potion depend on Hermione’s level so make sure to use them when she is well trained for best results. Also the milk potion has multiple scenes.

Witch Trainer Silver Quest Items

Actually these are a bit hidden and you need to offer the person (Only Hermione currently has any quests) a gift then click the quest item icon above the available items you have to give next to the heart icon(Not the heart icon at the upper right of the screen). Hermione has two quests: A forbidden scroll you can buy from the Weasley Brothers when your imagination is high enough (see Hermione and Potions ingredients sections) used with a plant root you harvest from the attic on the map, and a slave collar that appears when Hermione’s personal level/tutoring is high enough.

Witch Trainer Silver Room of Requirement:

Search the fireplace on a full moon to find a puzzle box (No worries if you suck at slider puzzles because if you don’t solve it as after a few dozen moves the option to break it open will appear, however solving it is required for an achievement). The tree goes along the left side of the picture, the moon is in the upper right, and the top half of an owl is above the empty square which goes in the bottom right. After that click the room of requirement on the map and you will find a mirror that plays a few funny cutscenes/extra favors and even has its own survival minigame.

Witch Trainer Silver Card Game

The card game is very simple and largely luck based thanks to all the times a random deck is used. It unlocks a bj scene if you play against Hermione, some additional cash if you play against the Weasley Brothers, and some potions & cards if you play against Snape (See potion section for info on the clone potion). Winning will get you tokens which you can spend on some decorations in the Weasley shop. Pro tips:

  • *You can’t save during a game but you can save before you play.
  • *The person with the most cards their color wins and cards only change the cards they are directly touching and only if their number is higher. So if you turn a card to your color and it is stronger than the cards it is touching it won’t create a chain that turns multiple cards. Direct touching only.
  • *You can put a lower numbered card next to a higher numbered card and that higher number won’t change the card you put down. So if your card has a 1 which will be facing your opponents card with a 6 you can safely put that card down and it will remain your color. Also if on a different side your card has a higher number than another one of your opponent’s cards it will still change that card to your color.
  • *Don’t play your strongest card first. It is better to just use a weaker card when going first because you will want to use your stronger cards to turn your opponent’s card and most cards have at least one easy side to overpower them so by playing a strong card first you are basically just giving it to your opponent. And even if they play a weaker card next to your stronger card it still won’t change it (see tip #3).
  • *You should always prioritize the capture of a card that only has one side it is exposed on or has high numbers on the remaining sides because that means that card can’t be taken back from you and will be yours for the rest of the game.
  • *If your cards have a high number exposed it is better not to put your card next to them and instead focus on taking a card from your opponent or putting a card down in a spot that will make it hard to take from you.
  • *If you don’t mind resetting to your save file you will have a much easier time if you go second. Cards already played won’t turn a card set down next to them so if you play a strong card first you are wasting it and if you play a weak card it will just get stolen giving you a -1 and your opponent a +1. So it is much easier going second and turning your opponent’s card.

Phoenix: You can feed and pet it every day and the game tracks this in statistics. That’s it.

Witch Trainer Silver Achievements

The achievements are pretty straight forward and most tell you how to unlock them however there are 8 secret achievements:

1) Knock knock – Turn away someone knocking at your door.
2) Bittersweet Farewell – finish either of the game’s two endings.
3) Down the Hatch – Solve the slider puzzle (See Room of Requirement section).
4) Drunken Master – Collect 25 bottles of wine. (I find the easiest way to do this is to just start a new game and skip to Hermione so you don’t have all the other items in the cubboard and just spam search the cubboard and press “s” which is the shortcut key for the sleep action.)
5) Feel the Heat – started a fire 5 times or more.
6) Flashback – Win the card challenge against Hermione and choose blowjob, when Snape comes in tell him the Ghost is gone and then choose “Try something crazy” and after beating Snape in a card game when you mention scrolling back the chat use the rollback option to actually do it.
7) I think I forgot something – Don’t feed the bird for 50 days.
8) Who’s Your Daddy – Talk to Hermione and ask her to call you Daddy.
There is also an achievement for exporting an outfit which for some reason is only an option on Cho’s wardrobe. Anyways click Cho’s outfit manager tab in the upper right of her wardrobe then click the last box to the far right with the upward green arrow to export and make sure you click “export to clipboard” because for some reason export to png doesn’t count as exporting it for this achievement.

Witch Trainer Private Scenes Walkthrough

Notes to know:

  • This walkthrough assumes that you’ve read all of the fiction books>


  • BUT SHE CAN’T LEAVE RIGHT AWAY: (She cannot say: “How could you ask for such a thing??? I think I should leave…”). YOU WONT GET THE POINT IF THIS HAPPENS. GO BACK ONE LEVEL AND DO THAT AGAIN



  • Level 1: whoring to 3: (Show me your panties,just stand there,flirt with classmates) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 2: whoring to 6: (Flirt with teachers,give me your panties,touch tits, butt molester) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 3: whoring to 9: (Let me look at your tits) Do one successfully 3 times

Note for players who are stuck: If you are stuck trying to get the third heart for “Show Panties”, KEEP DOING THIS OPTION [Show Tits To Me] UNTIL SHE WILL DANCE FOR YOU, THEN YOU CAN GET THE THIRD PANTIES HEART

  • Level 4: whoring to 12: (Dance for me, let me play with your tits) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 5: whoring to 15: (Handjob) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 6: whoring to 18: (Blowjob) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 7: whoring to 21: (Have sex with me) Do one successfully 3 times
  • Level 8: whoring to 24: (Have anal sex with me) Do one successfully 3 times

All of these spoilers start with quotes from Hermione so you can identify the scene unless otherwise specified (Such as Genie or Snape)

Witch Trainer Silver 1.40.2 Patch

  • Added a new Mirror Story ‘Biggus Dickus’ written by Livvypoo.
  • Added Fishnet Onepiece Suit for Hermione along with new related chit-chats.
  • Added 4 types of pubic hair for Luna.
  • Improved and expanded Hermione’s Maid Job events:
  • Added intro (yes, there was none before)
  • Added twelve random return events which are progression based.
  • Fixed Genie teleporting and walking through the door when the player skips interaction with the owl but is waiting for the payment.
  • Fixed Madam Mafkin becoming a socialist by giving outfits for free.
  • Disabled ‘A game of dark room’ mirror story as it is completely broken.
  • Fixed F5 crashing the game on PC.
  • Fixed Lady Dimitrescu hat layering issues.
  • Fixed missing Luna’s pause event flag, resulting in her repeatedly knocking on the door when asked to leave.
  • Fixed reputation checks in public favours for Hermione.
  • Fixed public favours design issue, resulting in a soft lock if skipped on early tiers.
  • Fixed is_event_complete function returning true when the event is currently being progressed.
  • Rebalanced reputation gains.
  • Fixed stats menu crashing due to overflowed values.
  • Removed books being mentioned as a requirement on hardcore difficulty.
  • Removed speed writing from the stats menu as it is no longer used.
  • Fixed half-heart bug plaguing the events.
  • Fixed fireplace sound looping indefinitely.
  • Fixed mods loading repeatedly when exiting to the main menu.
  • Added ‘owned’ parameter for Item class and its derivatives to allow mods add free items.
  • Fixed Hermione’s robes covering Lockhart’s Tattoo in the event.
  • Fixed typos.
  • After investigating the android crashes some people are experiencing, with sadness we must say that we cannot fix it, as the issue is not on our end, but within the device’s OpenGL ES driver, which returns incorrect values for matrix multiplications, therefore it would need to be fixed by the device’s manufacturer. Sorry.

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