Wobbly Life Jelly Car, Super Jelly Suit & 0.7.6 Update

Welcome to our Wobbly Life Jelly Car, Super Jelly Suit & 0.7.6 Update guide. This guide will show you Jelly car, Super jelly suit, 101 gifts, surfboard, ice fishing and unlocking new costumes.

Wobbly Life Jelly Car, Super Jelly Suit & 0.7.6 Update

0.7.6 Update of Wobbly Life! Jelly Car, Super Jelly Suit, 101 Gift, Surf Board, Ice Fishing and New Sostumes Unlock…

0.7.6 Update

New Mission involving the Jelly Man and his house!

  • New Newspaper Job on Paradise Island

New Location for Ice Fishing

  • Updated hamster ball so it floats once again
  • Added New Clothes: Sheep Cardigan, Cow Costume, Dressing Gown, Umbrella Hat, Bunny Ears
  • Farm barn doors now have sound
  • Removed Higher quality terrain option (it serves little purpose now)
  • Added surfboards to Paradise Island beach

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About Wobbly Life

Wobbly Life is a lively open world physics based sandbox. Explore Wobbly Island with your friends, discover fun locations.


Wobbly Life is at its heart a physics sandbox game so almost everything in the game can be grabbed and played with! The world is filled with props and mini games so see what you can find.


Wobbly Life supports up to 4 players in both online and local split-screen co-op. Each player earns their own money and can buy their own clothes, vehicles, pets and houses. Every job can be played with 1-4 players and players can even do completely different jobs/missions at the same time!


Jobs are how you’ll earn money in Wobbly Life. There are loads of jobs all over Wobbly Island each with their own unique challenges!


Once you’ve fattened up your bank account why not go on a shopping spree. You can buy and unlock over 250 clothes items to customize your Wobbly. Then buy your own personal vehicle to ride around town to show off your new look!

When you’ve really made the big bucks, why not buy a new house. Want to chill in the woods in your wooden shack, or live the high life in your own mansion with a heli-pad, Wobbly Island has a home for everyone!

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