Wolvesville Team Village Guide

Master the art of deception and teamwork with our Wolvesville Team Village Guide. Crush your opponents and lead your village to victory!

Hello from our Wolvesville Team Village Guide. Just getting started playing the game? Getting team village and don’t know what to do? Here are some beginner guide on how to play this game and some hidden role mechanics made especially for team village.

This is the guide Adhan it was created by. You can find the author’s link at the end of the guide.

Wolvesville Team Village Guide for Beginners

Welcome to our Wolvesville Team Village Guide. This guide will help the beginners to understand how to play this game. The basis for playing the game as a team village is the basic role of the team village, and there will be hints at the end of this guide!

The Basic

Let’s start with the basic rules of the game, in quick game and sandbox there will be 16 players with each player have role. There are will be always 4 Werewolves (ww), 1 Solo Killer (rk), and 1 Solo Voting, 1 Team Changing Role and 9 Villager.

Your task as team village is to eliminate all evil roles which are team Werewolves and Killer either by lynching or killing directly with killing village role while avoiding solo voting and werewolves tricks.

The Roles

There are 20 basic role and 29 advanced role in team village with total of 49 roles (which may be added more soon.)

Basic Role :

  • Basic role is a role that obtained free by default
  • Here are the list of basic role of team village in the game, the descriptions and the mechanics. The auras will be in parentheses.
  1. Villager (Good): This role does not have any special ability (also known as forky)
  2. Doctor (Good): You can protect 1 player from direct attack (ww,sk,alc black potion,corr, and most of solo killer attack), attack that is indirect will be ignored which means the player will die no matter what (alc red potion, siren song, arso, berserk ww skill).
  3. Bodyguard (Good): Same as Doctor, but you only has 1 shield that can protect even yourself from direct attack.
  4. Vigilante (Unknown): You can reveal or shoot people that you choose during voting phase (only in day 1) or discussion phase (day 2, 3, etc) only one action may be used per day.
  5. Jailer (Unknown): During the day you can choose a player to be jailed in the next night which you can interrogate or kill that player. Player that you jailed cannot use their ability nor kill or even killed during that night unless you died in middle of night which will release that player from jail.
  6. Red lady (Good): At night you can visit any people, if you’re attacked during your visit you will not die, if your visiting target die by any means you will also die, if your visiting target get converted by ww you will get converted as well, if your visiting target is evil role (solo,ww) you will also die.
  7. Priest (Good): During day you can choose to throw holy water to instantly kill werewolf, throwing in non werewolf target will make you die instead. (Only the true werewolf will die, cursed/wwf who is not turned will not die instead you will die)
  8. Seer (Good): You can check player’s role during night
  9. Aura seer (Good): You can check player’s aura during night. Solo will always be unknown, ww will be evil and villager is good, some villager and ww has unknown auras
  10. Detective (Good): You can check two player’s current team during night. = will be in same team # will be in different team
  11. Sheriff (Good): You can check two players for their potential killer if they are killed during night. If that happen there will be 2 potential suspects. If the killer is werewolf then one of the marked player will be weakest ww.
  12. Medium (Unknown): You can revives team village player once during the night. Player who is got role revealed unknown cannot be revived. If you die while using the ability on someone that someone still get revived at the end of the night.
  13. Mayor (Good): You can reveal yourself as town mayor and you gain 1 more vote permanently during voting phases. You will lose this ability if your role get converted.
  14. Witch (Unknown): You can heal directly attacked 1 player or kill 1 player during night. You cannot kill in first night only heal, but can use both of ability in next night.
  15. BeastHunter (Unknown): You can place trap to any player including yourself during night which will be activated during next night. Trapped player cannot die if they’re attacked including indirect attack which will also removes the trap. (Weakest werewolves will be killed by the trap)
  16. Loudmouth (Good): If you die you can reveal any player’s role that you choose.
  17. Flowerchild (Good): You can protect 1 player to not get lynched during voting phase. (Very useful against Shadow WW)
  18. Cupid (Good): A team changing role. During first night you can choose 2 player to be added to team couples. If any of them dies the other will die as well. Not exactly team village, but if their couples dies they will turn to village.
  19. Cursed (Good/Evil): Another team changing role. You are a villager until you get attacked by werewolves which will turn you to regular werewolf.
  20. President (Good): A special role that only appears in custom games. You will automatically reveal yourself during first night, if you die the village will lose that game and all evil role will win the game. (team ww and solo)

Wolvesville Team Village Tips

Here are some tips that you can use while playing the game
1. Never afraid of losing, Losing is normal in the game
2. Always ask for help
3. Trust who you can trust, for example seers that already proven
4. Never Randoming as it’s breaking the game rules, unless it’s last resort plays
5. Be familiarize with the roles.

Written by Adhan

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