X4 Foundations – How to Build and Manage Station

Step By Step Guide to Building and Managing a Station This guide will show you how […]

Step By Step Guide to Building and Managing a Station

This guide will show you how to build and manage a station, as well as how to do all the thing in between.

This guide ended up being much more in-depth than I had planned it to be but it’s aimed more towards helping newer players than veterans of Egosofts games so it makes sense that it’s detailed.

Saying that, there could still be some details in there that some of you more experienced players didn’t know. There is a chance I missed a few things out and there is always a chance that i was wrong in some areas but i tried my best.

Things I got wrong or forgot to mention:

Habitat Modules:

If you have habitats on your station you can start bringing in a workforce which will effect the efficiency of your station. The minimum efficiency for a station is 100% even without any workforce. This % will be increased with a higher workforce. (As far as i can tell)

Station Build Order Is Important (From Stephen Carter on YouTube):
You should have [Mentioned that] as priority in building is important if you want certain items to build up before others are made … also i think you did not mention blueprints can be stolen from stations when checking leaks (if doing mission it will fail) otherwise you can find them randomly and steal prints instead of buying them 😉

Kalantris From Egosoft Forums:

1. No need to travel to place a station, you just have to left-click the system where you want to put your plot in.
2. Water doesn’t go into liquid, it goes into container storage (I’m 99% sure).

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