X4: Foundations – Production Chain

A chart for how the X4 production chain works


This is the production chain, the top of the image contains most of the components, items and resources you will be using.

Water is only used for agriculture and has a seperate section down the bottom.

Energy cells do not require any input to create and are used for everything and are located at the bottom of the chart.

Also near the bottom you will find the legend, some items are used as both a finished product and an intermediate product.

This chart is optimised for finding what is required to make a fixed product, so some lines have been dotted to make them easier to follow down the chain (Right to left).

Changes Made

Formatting changed to make the chart easier to read and fit on smaller screens.
And to make it less bright when viewed on a second monitor
Errors Corrected.
Nvidium and Medical Supplies Added

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  1. What’s the difference supposed to be between the dotted lines and the solid lines? You didn’t include that in the graph. I’m scratching my head trying to figure out what it’s supposed to indicate based on what I know of those wares, but I can’t think of anything.

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